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teen track warning

Due to Lack of registrations, the Film Camp will not be offered. We will still offer track 1 with the essay workshop and drama camp.

This year there are two different options for the Teen Track. Register Here

Option One: $25.00, includes lunch. Two workshops:

Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop Janice Campbell

  • The Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop prepares students for writing timed essays, such as those found on the SAT, ACT, some CLEPs, etc. This four-hour writing workshop can be scheduled on its own, or in conjunction with a homeschool conference. I’ve been offering this popular workshop since 2002, and students consistently indicate that they feel more confident about tackling essays.
  • During the workshop,  I provide an overview of the 5-step writing process, tips on what evaluators look for, a simple formula for time management, step-by-step instruction in how to approach the essay question, a 30+-page handbook, and more. Students write two complete timed essays while there, and receive feedback if requested. You can find complete details at essayworkshop.com

Drama Workshop

This workshop is designed to give students a taste of several facets of the performing arts, including (but not limited to!) improvisation, scene study, projection, and even an introduction to Shakespeare.  This brief immersion workshop will not only satisfy the students’ Inner Artists, but will also help them to hone their collaborative skills and confidence levels!


Option Two: Teen Film Camp. Cancelled

Have you ever wondered what a film set looks like? Or perhaps imagined what it is like to be an actor on the silver screen? With websites like YouTube receiving more than 1 billion unique users visiting every month, Multimedia quite literally permeates our culture. This media revolution has likely provided the greatest opportunity for missions work that the world has ever seen. FILM CAMP is the perfect chance to get an inside glimpse into the exciting world of multimedia. With a number of challenging lectures and hands-on demonstrations, FILM CAMP introduces teens to the history of Christian artwork and its impact on culture throughout the last two millennia, the rapidly changing media environment, and some fun technical aspects of filmmaking.

Crystal Creek Media is a Christian Film company and they are offering a wonderful one-day film camp workshop. Click the link below to bring up the schedule for the day.

Film Camp Schedule – EPHSC 2014

14 replies on “Teen Track”

  1. marialena zachariah says:

    Our son Benjamin is not yet a teenager but is a movie-maker, script writer and loves all the details from sound effects, to composing the music, to editing and special effects. He is very mature for his 11 1/2 years and would love to attend the film workshop. Would you allow him to attend the film workshop?
    My husband George and I will be attending the conference all day ( registering now).
    Thank you,
    Marialena and George Zachariah

    • admin says:

      Hi Marialena,
      Thanks for your inquiry. I would be happy to check on this and get back to you shortly.

    • admin says:

      Conference administration has said that since you and your husband will be at the conference all day, Benjamin is welcome to attend the film camp.
      Looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. Renee LaFaver says:

    I was not planning on attending the conference, but my son would love to attend the film workshop. Is this possible? Thanks!

  3. marialena zachariah says:

    Oh NO! HOw many students would be the minimum for them to be willing to teach???. I know at least one another kid was planning to register but had not yet. Would you be able to inquire?
    Mrs. Zachariah

    • admin says:

      They needed 50 students to give the go-ahead for the Film camp. At this time we had less than 10, unfortunately. If we had been close, we would have still offered it. I’m very sorry about the need to cancel, and we will look at offering this again in the future, but for now we will still offer Teen track 1: Essay workshop and drama camp.

  4. Leah Bennett says:

    I was wondering how many inquiering do you need in order to keep the class open ? My son Daniel Bennett will love to attend.

    • admin says:

      Hi Leah,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We needed 50 students to be registered for this event in order to proceed with it. We had less than 10 at this point with the conference so close, it just didn’t look like we were going to be able to pull those numbers. We hope to offer the film camp again in the future. We will still offer Teen Track 1 with the essay workshop and drama camp.

  5. Tina Grim says:

    Is the teen track now a combo workshop where they do the writing in the am and the drama in the pm? Or is the drama workshop during the entire time? Can they do the drama workshop and not the writing one?

    • admin says:

      I do believe the essay will be in the morning and drama in the afternoon. No, your teen does not have to participate in the essay workshop. The drama workshop is slotted for four hours.

  6. Carrie says:

    We had paid for the film camp but our PayPal account has not been re-imbursed yet. My daughter will be attending the Teen Track essay/drama option though. Should I sign her up for it online and pay the $25 or will she automatically be signed up for it since the film camp was cancelled? Thanks for all your hard work. We’re looking forward to Saturday! =)

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