Rotten to the (Common) Core –Mike Donnelly

Educrats and statists see the education system as a means of control. But freedom in education means freedom over method and content—the increasingly federalized Common Core educational standards and related projects threaten both. And not just for homeschoolers either. Federal testing, standards, databases and more are legitimate concerns about Common Core’s threat to our freedom to homeschool. HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly will tell you what you need to know about these and other threats to our freedom—and what you as a homeschooling parent and concerned citizen can do about it!


A Compelling Case for Home Schooling-Mike Donnelly

Are you curious about home education, but not sure if you’re ready to make the commitment? Do you have a friend or family member saying you’re crazy if you homeschool? Join HSLDA Staff Attorney and homeschooling father of seven Mike Donnelly for “The Compelling Case for Home Education” and see why homeschooling may be the right choice for you. Mike will help you understand the basics, show how homeschooled students often outshine their public school peers, and shed light on the myths surrounding homeschooling.
Frugal HomemakingVicki Bentley
Vicki shares tips on how to maintain a household on limited funds.
Organized (Well, Almost!) Time Management for Busy MomsVicki Bentley
As a busy mom, do you sometimes struggle with lesson planning, keeping the house looking
somewhat presentable, teaching, keeping up with the laundry, AND getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool??? Come hear practical tips and encouragement from a fellow homeschool mom of many. Your husband and children will thank you, and you will have hope for another day of science and language arts.

Focus on Honor: A Dad’s Role in Homeschooling --Razvi

Honor is a lost concept in the western world.  Yet it is a biblical mandate.  How important is honor?  What does it mean to honor God?  What does it mean to honor your father and mother?  And how do those concepts play out in daily life?  Even if Mom covers all of the academics of homeschooling, Dad’s role is crucial.  What is that role and how does honor play a part in it?  Come and take a peek into the life of the Razvi family and hear what a blessing honor has been for this family of 14.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities –Tami Razvi

Tami Razvi has over 25 years of experience in working with children, especially in the areas of brain development and learning disabilities.  She has learned that it is possible to overcome learning disabilities.  Many of the Razvi children had learning disabilities which are now completely healed.  Come hear their personal stories and let the Razvis share with you a step-by-step process for healing learning disabilities.

Training For the Long Term –Razvi

When to cuddle and when to correct?  Is the behavior a lack of training, an emotional problem or a sin issue?  These are real, important, critical questions.  Training our children should be intentional. It is more than simply going through life and addressing problems or victories as they arise.  It is more than being concerned about behaviors that you see.  The Razvis share how to tackle these important questions and implement training that has a long term eternal outlook.

The Self-Propelled Advantage--Joanne Calderwood

 1. Part One: The Self-Propelled Advantage is a model of both parenting and education that yields extraordinary results. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to utilize the three elements that work together to give children the ultimate advantage in life: Self-Mastery, Mastery, and Self-teaching. You’ll discover what gives children an edge that makes them extraordinary!

Joanne also addresses:

  • What impact does parenting have on a child’s educational success?
  • How can parents motivate their children to work and learn with excellence?
  • What kinds of expectations should be set with young children that will bring out the best in them as young adults?
  • What is the one thing that holds home-educated students back more than anything else?

The first two elements of the Self-Propelled Advantage, self-mastery and mastery, lay the foundation for the parent-child relationship as well as the child’s relationship with learning for the rest of his life.

2. Part Two: Joanne has been speaking on the third element of The Self-Propelled Advantage for several years : Self-Teaching. In this session she will build upon the first two elements of The Advantage by showing you the five steps to self-teaching success with any age student which enables both parents and students to celebrate homeschool FREEDOM every day! Even in home education, the shocking truth is that many educators fail to motivate their children because they don’t foster the second and third elements of The Advantage.
Joanne answers these questions and more:
  • Is there some sort of system for teaching kids to teach themselves?
  • What curriculum is best for developing self-learning and mastery?
  • Should students focus on their strengths or weaknesses in high school?
  • How does self-teaching prepare students well for the SAT or ACT?

You’ll leave Joanne’s sessions knowing how to develop a “YES I CAN” attitude in your children. You’ll learn how to tell if you’re holding your children back, then how to stop holding your students back—how to let go of the bicycle, educationally speaking. And enabling your students to go further faster than they or you ever thought possible.

LUNCH KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Simple vs. SuperfluousJoanne Calderwood

True Wisdom is hard to come by, or is it? As Christians, we have available to us an unlimited supply of godly Wisdom applicable to our own unique situations, but how do we get a hold of that Wisdom? There are so many choices and so many decisions to be made as home-educating parents, yet home education can only accomplish so much in the lives of our children if we’re not building on a foundation electrified by the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged to journey in faith and to build upon a foundation that lights you up with “shining splendor” via a SIMPLE secret formula revealed by the Apostle Paul himself.


You Don’t Have to Know it All Before You Begin: How to Educate Yourself for Homeschooling –Janice Campbell

If you’re an ordinary homeschool mom with with an ordinary education, you might not feel fully equipped to teach your children well. In this workshop, I’ll share the big picture of the homeschool journey (including what I wish I had known), provide tips on how you can model lifelong learning for your family, and share a few guidelines on what you most need to know, plus study tips and a few favorite resources. [Focus: Parent Training]
Starting College at Home: Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours of Time –Janice Campbell
Whether or not  your student plans to earn a college degree, earning college credits while still in high school can be a wise choice. Not only can you save time and money, but college credits on a high school transcript can be a credibility clincher for the grades you’ve granted. In addition, starting college at home usually allows you to use curriculum and resources that reflect your values. Join us to learn where to start and how to find resources, the one type of college class you’ll definitely want your student to CLEP out of, and more. [Focus: Parent Training, Teens]
Developing a Family Ministry: Why and How (Psalm 16)
–Bernie Beall
Foundational biblical principles from Psalm 16 and a practical outline for beginning to minister together as a family, starting right where you are now!
A Look Inside Our Nation’s Capitol –Bernie Beall
Do you know where words about God are chiseled in stone in our nation’s capitol? Do you know the stories of faith behind the most famous statues and paintings in D.C.? Would you like to? Take a visual tour with the eyes of an evangelist as Bernie Beall leads you through the city of his ancestors. From Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial, from the White House to the Jefferson Memorial, add to what you may already know, be equipped to share true history with others, and be inspired to consider what God’s purposes may be for our nation’s future.

My Yoke Is Easy –Kim Kincell
Is homeschooling (parenting) feeling hard?  Are you about ready to jump ship and put the kids back in school?  Are your burdens feeling rather heavy?  While Kim will not have all the answers for you, she’ll share what she’s learned over 5 decades of life and 2 1/2 decades of motherhood.  Try a fresh perspective and some practical steps.
Tea Time –Roundtable Discussions

EPHSC is adding an interesting detour to this year’s afternoon conference schedule. We’re calling it “Time for Tea: Round Table Discussions” with your favorite kind of people!

Instead of being so tightly scheduled with one session after another that your brain starts to tingle from information overload (!!), you’ll have the opportunity to choose between five or six options to spend the afternoon session visiting with our conference speakers and several veteran homeschoolers from our area.

Here’s our plan: we’ll have tea and coffee and snacks set up in the Tea-Time rooms where you and our hosts will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Ask questions, share your concerns, gain insight or have a friendly conversation relevant to the host’s area of expertise.

We’re still working out the details (as in “Under Construction”)—so stay tuned for more info!

Website Design and Development –Laura Ferrer
Whether you are sharing experiences and skills, presenting a ministry, developing a storefront, or preserving a memory, websites have become a global communicating tool in your tool belt. This session will present an overview of the stages of design and development of a website. Websites are:  Created with Innovation, Planned with Strategy, Designed with Creativity, Developed with Organization, Executed with Programming Tools, Presented with Style, Secured with Fortitude, Marketed with Purpose, and Maintained with Tenacity.

Blue Print BasicsBelinda Parrish
Join Belinda in this question and answer session discussing high school related topics such as, creating transcripts and diplomas, SAT/ACT testing, post high school options, required credits, and preparing your teen for the “afterlife” (life after high school).
Getting Into the ZoneJoanne Calderwood
 Ever feel a bit like you live in a combat zone, but the enemy you’re fighting is really your very own self? Wish you could be more productive, energetic, doubt-free, focused, and underwhelmed? Do you ever find yourself in a slump caused by too much to do, pressure and stress rendering you immobile? As Dr. Suess says, “Un-slumping yourself isn’t easily done.” As a former Slumpsville resident, Joanne has learned how to move out of the combat zone and back into the comfort zone where life is full and fun again. Learn some surprising secrets this non-athletic, 49-year-old mom of eight kids (and an exercise hater) has to share that can help you get back into the zone—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and get back in sync with your busy self. Note: there shall be no utterance of the word diet.

*Continue to check back for updated information as we fine tune
the conference details.

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  1. heather says:

    What workshops are going to be held? Who are the speakers?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, Heather. We are still working out the final details and hope to have that information available soon.
      Thank you for your patience. :)

  2. Kelli A. says:

    Any idea yet as to which ones being offered at what times? A schedule? There are sessions I’d like to attend but wondering if some of those will be offered at the same time.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, Kelli. We don’t have a finalized schedule at this time. I can tell you that the tea time round table discussions will be in the afternoon, and the lunch time keynote address will be “The Self-Propelled Advantage”. I believe the morning keynote will be “Rotten to the (Common) Core”. We will update the website as information becomes available.

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