mike donnelly

Michael Donnelly
Staff Attorney
Director of International Relations

Mike serves HSLDA as director of international affairs and as staff attorney for member affairs in the states of Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. As director of international affairs he coordinates HSLDA’s support of homeschooling freedom all over the world. Mike is also an adjunct professor of government at Patrick Henry College where he teaches constitutional law. He received a juris doctorate from the Boston University School of Law with honors as a Paul J. Liacos Scholar. He is a member of the bars of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court.


janice campbell

Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell and her husband Donald homeschooled their sons from preschool into early college using a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method. Her books and resources reflect Janice’s focus on twaddle-free, active learning (she did have boys, after all!).

 Janice speaks at conferences nationwide on subjects including literature and writing, parent training for more effective homeschooling, high school records and transcripts, as well as microbusiness and multiple streams of income for homeschool families. She is the author of the Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12, Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College, among other things. She is also Director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE).

Whether teaching high school students to love literature, parents to be more inspired or effective teachers, or families how to create multiple streams of income, Janice’s focus is on sharing the joy of the journey and lighting lamps so that others can more easily find their way. Her website, Everyday Education, offers inspiration, resources, and a free e-newsletter.

Vicki_Bentley 1

Vicki Bentley

Vicki Bentley is the mother of eight daughters, foster mom of over 50, and grandma to 20 wonderful grandbabies (so far). Vicki has homeschooled 17 children since 1988, alongside her husband Jim, and led a local support group of over 250 families for 14 years. She has served on the executive board and convention committee of the Home Educators Association of Virginia and has addressed state and national conventions, university teacher organizations, and many mothers’ groups. She is the author of My Homeschool Planner, Everyday Cooking, The Everyday Family Chore System, Home Education 101: A Mentoring Program for New Homeschoolers, High School 101: Blueprint for Success, and other homeschool and homemaking helps available on her website, Everyday Homemaking, and coordinates HSLDA’s Toddlers to Tweens and Group Services programs . Vicki has a heart for parents, with practical wisdom and encouraging words.



joanne calderwood

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood is an underwhelmed mom of eight great kids, ages 12 through 24. As a former classroom teacher, Joanne had a meltdown when trying to homeschool her first four children with the classroom mentality. Then she began to allow her older children to work independently, and the results were so amazing that she developed a model of education and parenting which incorporates the tenets of self-mastery, mastery, and self-teaching. Results include perfect and nearly-perfect SAT scorers, and 4.5 teens (so far) who have gone on to attend their first-choice colleges on full scholarships!

Joanne is the best-selling author of The Self-Propelled Advantage, I’m the Mom; I Don’t Have to Know Calculus, and The Self-Propelled Student Planners. She’s been a columnist for Home School Enrichment magazine since 2007, and is the heart behind URtheMom.com

Imran and Tami Razvi
Imran and Tami Razvi, authors, speakers, and parent coaches, are the homeschooling
parents of 12 children (7 adopted and 5 birth). Since their first adoption of a sibling group of five, the Razvi family has seen miracles happen. They’ve seen the effects of past trauma on children be so profound as to make it impossible for them to function well physically, emotionally, or mentally. They’ve seen God’s love conquer their hearts and their pain. They have seen children with labels rise above those labels and accomplish what was said to be impossible. They share with others that there is hope. Now, through the ministry Conquered By Love, Imran and Tami teach the secrets of family unity, strong family relationships, and overcoming “impossible” situations.


Bernie Beall
Bernie Beall founded Great Commission Families with his wife, Linda, in 2006, after 23 years with Campus Crusade for Christ, including 8 years as the D.C. Metro Director. Today, a big part of their ministry is creating family friendly evangelistic outings by giving Christian heritage tours in the greater Washington, D.C. area, including at the local major Civil War battlefields (Gettysburg, Antietam, Manassas, Harpers Ferry & Monocacy). Bernie & Linda have homeschooled since 1989, including two of their four children through college. The Bealls live in Brunswick, Maryland not far from their seven grandchildren and from where Bernie grew up on his family’s dairy farm.


kim kincell

Kim Kincell

Kim is the homeschool mom of three graduated daughters. With a background in pediatric physical therapy and child development including work in the public schools, she cherishes the advantages of homeschooling. She and her husband formerly worked together in children’s ministries until the Lord graciously and gradually taught them a home-centered, family integrated approach to all of life. Although Kim has never “arrived”, she has learned to find joy in the journey. She now has a heart for helping moms sort through competing worldviews that draw them away from God’s amazing plan for the home and family. She and her husband Don have served on the CHEWV board for over ten years overseeing the testing program.



    • Deb Hofland.

  • Debra Hofland
    Deb Hofland is a Christian wife of 35 years and mother of seven with five grandchildren; an older woman who has taken the Titus Two commission seriously, that older women who are reverent and serious-minded should teach good things and train younger women to love & be subject to their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, kind and busy at home, and do it all to God’s glory.
    Deb served in the Air Force as a stenographer and then earned a degree in Elementary Education. Between paid teaching and coaching positions, homeschooling her three youngest children, volunteering at church Vacation Bible School and Sunday School programs and serving as a 4-H club leader, Deb has taught every grade level from pre-K to young adults.
Mrs. Aitch is a favorite teacher at the weekly homeschool co-op, teaching Nature Studies, Artsy Journaling, U.S. Geography, and a teen girls’ help-meet prep class, and leads a women’s bible study.
    Deb developed, leads, and facilitates, “Teacher’s Toolbox”, a year-long mentoring program at co-op where she shares homemaking and marriage wisdom (and mistakes) and teaching ideas to encourage other women in their walk with the Lord.
When she’s not gardening, bird-watching, quilting, creating gastronomic delights, admin’ing Facebook groups, or working part time as a virtual assistant, Deb loves using her God-given writing skills to inspire and motivate women of all ages with her friendly blog and Facebook page, Titus Two Friends.
Laura Ferrer
Laura Ferrer
After working in the Telecommunications and Communications industry as an engineer and in management, Laura launched her first website in 2000.  Learning through training and experience, she has been involved in the progression of websites throughout the last 14 years.Laura is a local homeschooling mom to a precious daughter and wife to a wonderful husband.  When not at her daughter’s swim practice or meet, she loves gardening, reading, developing websites, and taking care of an over-active Labrador retriever.
Laura Bakin
Laura Richards Bakin
Laura Richards Bakin is an actor, director, producer, and teacher of the performing arts.  On stage she has performed and directed with a variety of theatrical companies from Florida to New York.  Behind the scenes, Laura spent many years teaching both children and adults in the D.C. area.  There she managed Encore! the Dramatic Institute for the Young Actor, and the Rhapsodic Theater Company before settling in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia with her family.  Locally, she was the managing artistic director of the Young Actors Theater Lab in Shepherdstown, and currently manages The Genesius Players.  She has also served as an administrator at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.  She has written over a dozen plays for children, directed over 100 plays and musicals, and has conducted countless workshops, seminars, and private classes.  She brings over 30 years of experience to her work with young actors, and never tires of finding new ways to help them nourish their own artistic spirits.
BelindaParrish 1
Belinda Parrish
     Belinda Parrish has been married to her husband, Troy, for over 25 years.  She has been blessed to be at home with all of their children since the oldest child was born.  All of their children have been home schooled.  Currently, they have graduated four children, have one in high school, one in middle school, and two in the elementary grades.
Belinda enjoys encouraging other home school moms to find joy in teaching their own children.  She has used many different products during her 21+ years of teaching their children at home.  They started using the BJU Press Distance Learning products over 14 years ago.  After it started simplifying their home school life, Belinda started telling and selling it to other home school families.  To reach out and help more moms, she has started a blog.  They created and offer the Homeschool Organizer, a wonderful system to help keep school items together to be ready for the year-end review.
Samantha Spitzer
Samantha Spitzer serves the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia not only as a portfolio reviewer, but also as an advocate of homeschooling. She encourages and inspires those who are new to homeschooling, supports and cheers on those in the thick of it, and continually looks for new, creative ideas to help organize and revitalize the homeschool classroom. Samantha looks forward to leading a tea-time discussion.

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