Morning Keynote address: History and Numbers and Words

Joanne Calderwood

What if you left this conference today understanding exactly what your role is as a parent, how to best manage your home and its occupants, how to motivate and thoroughly prepare your offspring for their respective futures, AND most pressingly, what curriculum to choose? Let’s look back 3000 years after a family of 70 immigrants had grown into an entire race of slaves and observe how Moses “parented” a rebellious and often childlike group of over a million distant relatives (yeah, that was a shock to him, too). We’ll pick up some parenting tips on time management, organization, education, motivation, meteorology, food prep, sibling rivalry, and oh yes—socialization. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

The Self-Propelled Advantage - Part 1

Joanne Calderwood

The Self-Propelled Advantage is a model of both parenting and education that yields extraordinary results. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to utilize the three elements that work together to give children the ultimate advantage in life: Self-Mastery, Mastery, and Self-Teaching. You’ll discover what gives children an edge and what makes them extraordinary!

Joanne also addresses:

  • What impact does parenting have on a child’s educational success?
  • How can parents motivate their children to work and learn with excellence?
  • What kinds of expectations should be set with young children that will bring out the best in them as young adults?
  • What is the one thing that holds home-educated students back more than anything else?

The first two elements of the Self-Propelled Advantage, Self-Mastery and Mastery, lay the foundation for the parent-child relationship as well as the child’s relationship with learning for the rest of his life.

The Self-Propelled Advantage - Part 2

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne has been speaking on the third element of The Self-Propelled Advantage for several years: Self-teaching. In this session, she will build upon the first two elements of The Advantage by showing you the five steps to self-teaching success with any age student which enables both parents and students to celebrate homeschool FREEDOM every day! Even in home education, the shocking truth is that many educators fail to motivate their children because they don’t foster the second and third elements of the Advantage.

Joanne answers all these questions and more:

  • Is there some sort of system for teaching kids to teach themselves?
  • What curriculum is best for developing self-learning and mastery?
  • Should students focus on their strengths or weaknesses in high school?
  • How does self-teaching prepare students well for the SAT and the ACT?

You’ll leave Joanne’s sessions knowing how to develop a Yes-I-Can attitude in your children. You’ll learn how to tell if you are holding your students back, then how to stop holding your students back, how to let go of the bicycle ~ educationally speaking ~ enabling your students to go further, faster than you and they ever thought possible!

Getting Into the Zone

Joanne Calderwood

Ever feel a bit like you live in a combat zone, but the “enemy” you’re fighting is really your very own self? Wish you could be more productive, doubt-free, energetic, focused, and underwhelmed? Do you ever find yourself in a slump caused by too much to do, pressure, and stress, rendering you immobile? As Dr. Seuss says, “Un-slumping yourself isn’t easily done.”

As a former Slumpsville resident, Joanne has learned how to move out of the combat zone and back into the comfort zone where life is full and fun again. Learn some surprising secrets this non-athletic, 49-year-old mom of eight kids (and an exercise hater) has to share that can help you get back into the zone—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and get back in sync with your busy self. Note: there shall be no utterance of the word diet.

Lunch Keynote address: The Power of Home Education

Dr. Michael George

We have all heard the criticisms of home schooling. If you home school, your kids will end up with poor socialization skills, a lack of educational opportunities and they will become introverted outcasts. This is what the world tells, but prepare to take an incredible journey through history and discover the true power behind home education.

Did Christianity Play a Role in the Declaration of Independence?

Dr. Michael George

In modern day America, the issue of the faith of the founders is often called into question. Were the founders Christian men? Did their faith in Christ play a part in the Declaration of Independence? Follow along with Dr. George as he takes you through the actual documents that truly answer these questions. Do Christians have a right to share their faith in schools, public buildings and government institutions? The proof is there for all to see.

Stories from a Hitler Youth

Dr. Michael George

Kids read about World War II and Nazi Germany we know the historical facts, but prepare to experience the powerful account of the true story of Sonja who grew up as a member of the Hitler Youth. Listen to the incredible chronicled tale of the life of the little girl who grew up believing Hitler was a man to be worshiped, only later to discover the horrible truth. This true story will educate your family and shine a light onto the terrible similarities we see in America today.

Laying a Foundation for Reading in the Pre-School Years

Faith Berens

In this session, we will discuss the ultimate goal of reading instruction, which is comprehension and we will explore various types of thinking and processing skills required for proficient comprehension. Tips, techniques, and strategies will be shared on how to develop very young children’s vocabulary and good habits of mind in order to lay a solid foundation for comprehension with our wee ones, ages birth to five.

Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: The Nuts and Bolts for Success

Faith Berens

This workshop offers practical resources, lists of materials, and curricula in order to help equip you as you work with a struggling learner in your home school. Multi-sensory teaching methods, direct instruction, modeled teaching, and “scaffolding” instruction are shared, as well as ideas for designing a unique home instruction program tailored to your child’s specific challenges.

Help! My Kid Can’t Spell!

Faith Berens

This session addresses the importance of spelling and presents the developmental stages of spelling. In addition, various strategies, techniques, and fun, hands-on, multi-sensory methods for spelling practice are shared. Several, specialized spelling programs and strategies are shared. The goal is to transform “I am a terrible speller” into “I am a good speller!”

My Child Has Trouble With Math. Now What?

Shelley Whisenant

Is Your Child Having Trouble with Math? Discover: How to pinpoint the problem; effective, easy-to-use strategies; and the tools for taking action.

All I Need to Know About Homeschooling I Learned in the Garden

Sheila Tingler

Is Your Child Having Trouble with Math? Discover: How to pinpoint the problem; effective, easy-to-use strategies; and the tools for taking action.

Cultivating a Quiet Spirit

Sheila Tingler

In a world that is fast-paced, busy, often bordering on frenzied, God commands us to “Be still and know that I am God”. Sheila takes us through the “I AM” statements of Jesus to help us cultivate a quiet spirit in ourselves and in our children.

Gardening 101 – Intro to Homeschooling

Samantha Spitzer

The best gardeners plan early to yield the most of their crops. Whether you are planning to start your garden this coming fall or you are ankle deep in your first year of gardening, make time to come to this session. Samantha will provide you with information pertaining to necessary paperwork for the state, give guidance in finding the perfect curriculum for your seedlings, and help you gather ideas for the coolest garden on your side of the fence.

A Little Bit of Fertilizer Goes A Long Way

Samantha Spitzer

Go ahead. You know you want to laugh at that one, but we all know that no creativity in the garden makes your plants wither. This session is all about sparking interest in learning. Samantha Spitzer will be the first to tell you that if she’s not having fun in her classroom, how can her children? This session will help you get a better grip on your shovel as you find fun ways to make lessons meaningful and memorable.

Homeschooling Through High School …Making it to the finish!

Mary Ellen Tedrow-Wynn

How to prepare for this adventure. What to teach. What to do if your child is going on to college. What to do if they are not. Some of the mistakes I made; hopefully you can avoid them. Successes by God’s grace!

Homeschooling Multiple Children

Mary Ellen Tedrow-Wynn

What to do with my toddler while I teach high school, what to do with my middle-schooler while I nurse the baby… Ideas for teaching multiple children at the same time – at home. Sharing ideas that worked and some that did not. “Do not be weary in well doing.”

Teachers' Toolbox: How to Homeschool (even if you’re unmotivated, frugal, financially challenged, clueless or unprepared)

Debra Hofland

Perhaps you’ve thought about homeschooling but doubt you’re smart enough, maybe you’re not very ambitious or not sure how much it costs. Maybe you have criticizing or doubtful relatives who remember your poor choices as a youth—how could you possibly homeschool your own kids? Maybe you’re a new homeschooler and you’re running out of steam and fortitude. Maybe your kids are driving you nuts? Maybe the hubby is doubting that the kids are learning anything. Maybe you’re dealing with been at this awhile but need a few ideas to pump some excitement into your heart and soul. Perhaps you’re a veteran and need a serious pep talk to stick it out another year or two. Or maybe you’ve been at it awhile and you want to pass along some encouragement to those along the way. Wherever you are on the journey, you need encouragement, refreshment and a sense of purpose. Join us to re-stock your “toolbox” in this special session of Teacher’s Toolbox.

Using Your Tools: Juggling Chainsaws and Pincushions

Debra Hofland

Sorry, folks, that was a trick title: we will not be using hand-tools today or doing any sewing! Instead we’ll explore ways to stretch your homeschool budget with what you already have on hand AND incorporate your hobbies and outside interests into your homeschool curriculum. Let’s face it—not all of us are rolling in the dough to buy the latest, greatest and most fantastic curriculum. We’re living on one income, counting pennies, and clipping coupons. If you need some down-to-earth ideas, stop in to this session and join in the brainstorming. Bring your own ideas for ways you’ve re-used curriculum, made-do and/or saved money for homeschooling your children. If you can, type them on plain white paper & we’ll see if we can turn them into a little booklet to be handed out at the end of the conference to those who attend the class. Teacher’s Toolbox strikes again!

How to Teach Your Daughter to Protect Herself

Nicole Sundine

Any form of victimization can negatively impact emotional well-being, psychological balance, physical health, sense of connection, pursuit of dreams, lightness of spirit, and life itself.

Considering the magnitude of this potential loss, isn’t it worth investing some time into teaching your daughter how to protect herself?

Nicole uses modern methods that resonate with girls to teach a unique curriculum comprised of concepts, skills, and strategies designed to stop threatening behaviors ranging from the unwanted attention to violent attacks. In this afternoon discussion group, she’ll share her philosophy and talk about the role parents play in helping girls expand their unique protective power.

Trials, Tribulations and Trust

Deb Hofland

Do you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you? Like you’ve been blindsided by events that you NEVER thought would happen? We all struggle. We all have heartache. We all have hurdles. How we handle difficulties depends on where we place our trust. If you need an attitude adjustment, you’ll want to be here to hear how God has worked in my life, through infertility, foster children, multiple moves and cancer.

Homeschool Modernization Bill Explained

Michael Donnelly

Mike Donnelly will provide an explanation of the homeschool modernization bill that recently passed in WV, clearing up any confusion about the bill’s components, and answering questions you may have.