Morning Keynote: Exhortations From A Cheerleader - V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Victory! Victory, that’s our cry!

Debra Hofland

What if everything you need to be a submissive wife, a great mom, or an awesome homeschooling parent is at your fingertips? What if everything you need to be a supportive, delightful friend or influential Christian is something you already have (and in abundance)? Delve into the verses surrounding our theme verse for the conference (1 Thess 5:11) and learn some basic and advanced “cheerleading and coaching” techniques. Wherever you are in this homeschooling game: a spectator in the bleachers or a benchwarmer in the dug-out, a batter struggling with a streak of strike-outs or a coach who lacks a good motivating pep-talk at a crucial moment. We all need a little encouragement or an attitude adjustment to stay in the game. God has already called you to become a varsity cheerleader Christian. Spend some time with a first century cheerleader named Paul. You’ll be inspired to step up your game.

Teaching Your Struggling Learner at Home- Nuts and Bolts for Success Part 1

Krisa Winn

This workshop offers practical resources, lists of materials, and curricula in order to help equip you as you work with a struggling learner in your homeschool. Ideas for designing a unique home instruction program tailored to your child’s specific challenges will also be presented.

Teaching Your Struggling Learner at Home- Nuts and Bolts for Success Part 2

Krisa Winn

In this second half of Nuts and Bolts, Krisa addresses homeschooling and working, teaching multi-ages, scheduling the day, as well as practical teaching strategies to use regardless of your curriculum program. Multi-sensory teaching methods, direct instruction, modeled teaching, and “scaffolding” instruction are shared.

High School at Home for All Students - Including Struggling Learners

Krisa Winn

HSLDA Special Needs Consultant, Krisa Winn, provides insight and ideas on how to modify high school plans for students who struggle or have special needs. She will address frequently asked questions regarding granting diplomas, certificates of completion, maintaining transcripts, and creating alternative course work for homeschooled teens whose high school journey may have to be “off the beaten path”….

Preschool at Home: A Foundational and Developmental Approach

Stacey Wolking

Yes, YOU can teach preschool! In this session, Stacey will share seven foundational abilities and eight key areas of development that you will want to nurture in your children to give them a strong foundation for learning–plus lots of practical ideas for developing preschool skills and meeting your little ones where they are.

Enhancing Language Development- with JOY!

Stacey Wolking

Don’t waste your time and energy jumping through hoops to make your home look like the local preschool or kindergarten. In this session, you will learn what little ones need most as you nurture language development, and what your primary emphasis should be. You will come away with practical ideas for teaching your littles to love language!

Lunch Key Note: An Orchard of Support

Sandra Allen Lovelace

Each of us is a unique creation of God. We carry His handiwork wherever we go. Sandra will share a fresh perspective on how our very makeup can provide blessings throughout the homeschool community, beginning with an apple.

Memoirs of a Homeschool Mom

Sandra Allen Lovelace

Twenty-plus years in the homeschool trenches and two decades later Sandra is still alive to talk about them. God’s faithfulness carried her through the pioneer days to a global ministry. She’s invited a homeschool ancestor to join her in sharing their deepest memories, greatest lessons, and richest blessings.

A Pep Talk About Test Results

Sandra Allen Lovelace

Standardized tests need not be intimidating. Sandra applies her extensive training and experience in the world of education to this often-thorny topic. She will offer support on understanding tests, their results and value, and how to use it all effectively in your homeschool family.

Project-Based Learning

Angela Zaev

How can you home school without a formal curriculum? How do you know what your children are learning? How do you know when or what to teach them? What is the most important subject to make sure you cover and why? These are just a few of the questions we all have when it comes to selecting our style of learning for our individual families. Join us for an interactive, hands-on session that will offer some practical ways and examples of how you too can home school outside of the box. In this session we will talk about teaching various subjects in an interdisciplinary manner with multiple ages, from toddler to teen, and how you can incorporate biographies, historical accounts, maps, projects and more into your every day adventure of discovery. You will see how you can map your learning opportunities to “traditional” subject headings or categories (in case you ever find yourself needing a transcript or way to explain your work to others). You’ll have time to ask questions and brain storm.

The Working Homeschool Mom

Jamerrill Stewart

Do you find yourself overwhelmed at undertaking two incredible tasks, homeschooling while being a working mom? Are you concerned that you can’t do both? How can you run the home, train and educate the children, get laundry folded, dinner on the table, and pull off working an additional job either inside or outside of the home?

Charlotte Mason Learning Style Panel Discussion

Jessica Cote, Emily Smallwood

Charlotte Mason was a British educator that lived from 1842-1923. She believed we should educate the whole child, not just their mind through the use of quality, living books, letting the child make their own connections. She encouraged parents to spend time outdoors with their children, interacting with nature firsthand. Charlotte believed that “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.” These moms will do their best to give an overview of a Charlotte Mason education and then hold a question and answer time where they share how they implement the method in their own home. They will be providing a “feast of ideas” from a variety of sources.

If the Shoe Fits - Choosing Curriculum That Fits Your Homeschool

Joy Moore

Finding the right homeschool curriculum for your family is like finding the perfect shoe: you need to find the right balance of comfort, style, detail and price. Discover principles to guide you through the process of choosing curriculum, no matter what age your student is.

Designed for Purpose: Help Your Children Discover God’s Call

Joy Moore

God created your child with a specific purpose and it’s never too early to begin exploring options. Learn how you can help your child discover God’s plan for the future through intentional education, mentoring, and other opportunities before and during the high school years.

We're in This Together! But How? (For Dads)

Darren Jones

Research shows that in most homeschooling families, Mom is the day-to-day teacher with input and support from Dad. But research also shows that in a lot of families, Dad doesn’t really know what to do to help. It doesn’t have to be that way! HSLDA attorney and homeschool dad, Darren Jones gives advice and encouragement for dads who are on this homeschool adventure. Whether you’re the primary educator, the support-giver, or in the “How in the world do I help out??” camp, come learn some new ways to be a Homeschool Dad.

Are you supporting terrorism and human trafficking?

Michael George

Are your online choices or use of certain mobile apps supporting modern day slavery? There is probably not a person in this room who would say they are in support of human trafficking. No one here would be in support of funding terrorism, but unfortunately many times in our lives we have done it or are doing it today unwittingly?

The Importance of History in Your Homeschool

Michael George

Is history really just about dates and places or is there something more to it? Could the history taught in public schools and on college campuses be misleading? Hear and see incredible historical facts that are no longer shared and why learning history is crucial to your childs education.

Accentuate the Positive: Creating a Home of Blessing and Honor

Joy Moore

As a homeschool parent, it’s easy to focus on academics and forget the importance of growing strong, healthy family relationships. Discover ways to create a life-giving atmosphere of love and honor where every family member feels valued.

Teacher's Toolbox: Create Your Own Nature Study Curriculum

Debra Hofland

Nature is everywhere and children (and adults) are filled with a natural curiosity about their world. Nature is a wonderful setting for learning and including “Nature Study Lessons” in your homeschool day will enhance your children’s academic achievement, too. Where else can you include learning Latin, botany, sketching (art) and story-telling in one place? Where else can you integrate content across-the-curriculum and stare at clouds while doing so? Have you ever gone on a night-time nature hike in your backyard? Or sketched a dandelion in your lawn? If you’d like to do this (and more), but don’t know where to start, this class will help you develop a customized, do-able, fun and interesting plan for a whole year based on your own and your children’s interests, ages, abilities and your nature environment. You don’t need to be a forest ranger or an artist, but you do need to be willing to get dirt under your nails and learn alongside your children.

Teacher's Toolbox: Juggling Big Books & Little Bitty Letters

Debra Hofland

If you’d like to Get More out of Your Bible Study (and teach your kids, too), then you’ll love this class. Where should we start? Why bother? What tools are available? Tools?—wait, we need tools to study the Bible? What are the benefits of word study? Don’t get lost—get a map! Did I mention resources? What about this whole Bible journaling craze? At what age should kids start reading a real Bible? Copybook writing—really? Is she really going to cover all these questions? (I hope so!) I can’t guarantee this will cover Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but we’re going to TRY!

Portfolio 101

Lori Horner

Are you curious about the difference between testing and portfolios? Have you always wanted to make a portfolio for you child, but didn’t know how to begin? Do you just want to know what a portfolio looks like?

Come to this information session about portfolios to learn about what a portfolio is and why you might want to create one. There will be examples of different types of portfolios and practical tips for how to put a portfolio together in such a way as to show your child’s unique personality and their progress.

What is 'Classical Conversations'

Lori Horner

We are a homeschooling organization which seeks to know God and make Him known. We do this by leading and equipping homeschooling parents throughout the U.S. and across the globe with the classical tools of learning. We equip parents through the encouragement and mentoring in community, through Parent Practicums, and a multitude of resources. We seek to be leaders in this homeschool movement in order to come alongside parents as they endeavor to instill in their children a Biblical worldview using a classical, Christian, approach to impact the world for the glory of God.

ADHD Math Strategies

Shelley Whisenant

The traditional textbook approach to learning is not necessarily the best way for you to teach your ADD/ADHD child.  Come learn some strategies to help your child be successful in math and help you maintain your sanity at the same time!

Special Needs Rountable Discussion

Shelley Whisenant

Are you homeschooling a child with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, dyscalculia, or sensory processing disorder? Come join me for a roundtable discussion to help you come up with strategies for YOUR child. Leave with some ideas you can implement on Monday.