305 Fitness Founder Shares At-Home Dance Cardio Moves That Will Keep You Stress-Free & Smiling

Dance cardio is the perfect way to get the blood flowing in quarantine! 305 Fitness founder Sadie Kurzban spoke to HL about how dance is the perfect stress-relief!

When in doubt, dance it out! 305 Fitness brings the hot beats and moves of Miami straight to your living room during these unprecedented times in quarantine. Founder Sadie Kurzban has brought her company digital in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic and continues to deliver daily live streams filled with energy-building and heart-pumping dance cardio classes. “I think it’s really important to be able to release stress and dancing is just a way to do that and puts a smile on our faces,” she explained to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It’s not about purging, it’s not about beating ourselves up, it’s really about connecting with ourselves.”

Sadie recommended that those who want to take the online classes even FaceTime or Zoom a friend so you can smile and dance through it together! “It’s fun to dance together and it’s a great time to connect and be positive,” she said. And while you’re having fun dancing your stress away, you’re also getting in an incredible cardio blasting workout. “It’s full body. So we’re moving our arms, we’re moving our legs, we’re moving our core. It’s really affective for the body and the mind,” Sadie continued. “Dancing just requires coordination. It requires our left side of our brain, our right side of our brain. It’s really helpful for our mental health, both for the emotional release and also for our memory to keep our brains in fighting shape.”

305 Fitness dance cardio classes typically entail some strutting, posing and, of course, twerking — all mood-lifting moves that get the heart rate pumping. If you don’t have 30 or 45 minutes to spare, Sadie recommended that even just five minutes of any activity will get you feeling good. “You can stretch, which feels really good if you’re feeling achy or tight. You can just do some light cardio exercises to get the heart rate up as you’re feeling slumpy,” she advised. “Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, just moving your hips. Stretching or cardio are great if you have five minutes, whether it’s to boost your energy or just to loosen up a little bit.”

Be sure to tune in to 305 Fitness’s YouTube Channel for their #305LIVE Cardio Workouts daily at 12PM & 6PM ET!

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