All About Bebe Rexha's Nail Collection with SinfulColors: 'They're a True Reflection of My Style'

"I love nails. Like I’m obsessed with them. I really feel like [they're] a signature part of my look" Rexha tells PEOPLE exclusively. The singer, who's already collaborated with the brand on nail polishes, says "it felt right" to create a press-on style.

"I’ve gotten to rock some sick, intricate nail art and it’s something that makes me feel confident and happy. I wanted to create this design for my fans, so that they can get creative and nail their look at home," she says.

Rexha was inspired by her love of mixing things up during the creative process.

"I love to pair the unexpected. To me pearls are something that will always be in style, but when I wear them, I want to take them to the next level by matching them with something edgier, like a matte black texture, roses with a rocker vibe or really cool chains," says Rexha.

Not only is the capsule collection "a true reflection" of Rexha's style, it's also convenient, says the singer.

"I love my acrylics, but there are days when I have had to go from a shoot to red carpet to performance, and I don’t always have the time to sit in a chair for a detailed manicure. Press-ons allow for that style switch-up when you don’t have a ton of time," Rexha says.

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) forces many of us to continue to practice social distancing, Rexha admits she misses her "favorite" nail artists. But this time apart has helped her express her creativity further through beauty, including learning how to apply press-ons. "They are almost impossible to mess up and I love the instant gratification!"

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