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“WALKING along the River Thames back in 2015, my mind was in turmoil. I’d just announced to colleagues that I was quitting my corporate job of 31 years, writing contracts for an oil and gas company.

"While I didn’t feel fulfilled any more, it was still secure and well-paid – did I really want to give that up? Suddenly, a voice in my head told me to look up.

"I saw a white feather floating down and, instinctively, I felt calm. As white feathers are signs that angels are near, I knew this voice was confirming my instincts were right. 

"Ever since I was a child, I’ve always sensed there was someone else with me. My mum Gina, who passed away aged 72 in 2010, told me she’d often see me talking when I was alone. Friends would come to me for advice, which always seemed to magically materialise, like somebody had put the words in my head.

"I remember one friend telling me about her relationship and how her boyfriend wasn’t treating her well. ‘But what about what you want and need?’ I found myself asking her. ‘You’re part of this couple, too.’ 

"When I was 14, someone stood on our family’s pet bird, Pippin. My mum was devastated, believing it had been killed, but a voice told me to pick up the seemingly lifeless bird and hold it close. That night, I cradled it gently and, by the morning, Pippin had miraculously recovered.

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"That same voice came to me at various other times in my life, like when I received the news my dad Dennis, then 60, had passed away from a heart attack in January 1986. As I sat sobbing in my bedroom, I heard a calm, gentle voice say: ‘You’re loved, you’re protected. Everything will be OK.’

"Each time it happened, I was struck by feelings of love and comfort, but as I didn’t know what was happening, part of me was unnerved. I wondered if I was hearing ghosts or spirits of people who had passed, which I found quite a frightening idea.  

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'Colleagues would think I was strange'

"Over the next few years, I started to look into it further and, in 1991, I enrolled on a crystals and healing course, which touched on the topic of angels. All of a sudden, I just knew it was angels who’d been surrounding me my entire life – in particular, the Archangel Michael, who I felt an immediate connection with when I read more about him.

"He was usually depicted in purple or blue, which explained why I’d always been attracted to those colours in everything from clothes and jewellery to crystals.

"Although I’d never followed a religion or gone to church as a family, it ignited a spirituality in me. I signed up to various healing courses, alongside my nine-to-five, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I enrolled on one about angels. 

I’d been thinking about leaving my job and, after hearing an angel voice encouraging me to in 2015, I finally quit.

"I worried colleagues would think I was strange, and I did get a few gentle laughs but, surprisingly, many began confiding in me about experiences they’d had.

"One colleague told me he’d slipped holding an electrical cable and was headed for an open-water tank, until he felt something push him to safety. Another said he’d seen his father after he’d passed away, who’d reassured him he was OK.

"I’d been thinking about leaving my job and, after hearing an angel voice encouraging me to in 2015, I finally quit. I moved to Dorset with my partner Mark, who‘s very supportive, and set up Spiritual Spa, charging from £45 for a 45-minute angel reading.

"I receive messages from Archangel Michael every day – my clients and I feel warm when he’s close.

If you open yourself up to that, you too can benefit from their love and protection.

"He is the angel I work with the most, but I also feel the presence of Jophiel, an angel associated with love, and Raphael, the healing archangel. 

"These days, angels communicate with me in all sorts of ways. If I’m nervous, lights might flash. I also find angel numbers – three of the same – and feathers in strange places, like my car dashboard. Of course, angels don’t have all the answers.

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"When a friend called me to find out why her sheep was limping, I recommended she consult a vet, not the angels!

"My experiences have taught me I’m not alone – angels surround us. If you open yourself up to that, you too can benefit from their love and protection.” 


A third of all Brits believe in guardian angels.

Women are more likely to believe in angels than men, with 39% of women saying they do, versus 26% of men. 11% of women claim to have heard or seen an angel.

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