Chloe x Halle's Style Is Just as Mesmerizing as Their Songs β€” Here's How to Get Their Looks

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While it seems the world is quickly realizing Chloe x Halle’s talents are one of a kind, we’ve had our eye on their incredible style for a while. In fact, when we’re not mesmerized by their dreamy performances, we’re often wondering how we can copy their looks. (Have you seen their 2019 NAACP outfits?!)

The stylish sisters, 21-year-old Chloe and 20-year-old Halle Bailey, are constantly showing off their love for fashion on the red carpet and on their Instagram account. Their stylist, Zerina Akers, often puts them in matching outfits, coordinated colors, and bold prints. Think matching minidresses styled with sneakers, designer-logo ensembles, and bright colors like magenta and purple. Zerina has worked a bunch with their mentor, BeyoncΓ©, so it’s no wonder their style is always on point, whether they’re on the red carpet for an event or on stage performing.

If you’re hoping to copy Chloe x Halle’s most fashionable moments and give them a try for yourself, we’re breaking out key looks that define their style. Keep reading to see 10 outfits that describe their style perfectly, then shop similar pieces for your closet if you’re hoping to snag a particular look.

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