Cleaning fanatics rave about £2.80 spray they reckon shifts EVERYTHING from red wine stains to coffee spills

EVER since we were old enough to have our own carpets, we lived in fear of ever spilling makeup, coffee or – dare we say it – RED WINE on them.

Thankfully, those days might be about to come to end – as cleaning fans are raving about a "miracle" £2.80 product which removes all sorts of stains around the home.

Thank god for this stuff, hubby dropped his coffee and didn't clean it up properly so had been sat for a while, good scrub with the @drbeckmannuk carpet cleaner and it's come up great. #cleaning #cleaningmotivation #cleanwithnat #productsthatwork #stainremover #drbeckmann

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From coffee spillages to red wine stains, Dr Beckmann's Carpet Stain remover has become a cult favourite product that can be used on more than just rugs.

Taking to social media to rave about the purse-friendly product, cleaning fanatics have used it on everything from filthy car seats to stained T-shirts.

And if that wasn't enough to convince us, Mrs Hinch even makes sure she always has a bottle of Dr Beckmann's Carpet Stain Remover in her "Narnia' of cleaning products.

Previously, your partner spilling coffee all over your living room would have probably been the beginning of the end for your carpet (any maybe even the relationship!).

But fortunately for one social media user, a quick spritz of Dr Beckmann got the stain out in no time.

Posting on her Instagram account Clean with Nat, she wrote: "Thank god for this stuff!

"Hubby dropped his coffee and didn't clean it up properly so had been sat for a while, good scrub with the Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner and it's come up great."

Commenting on the impressive before-and-after photos, one replied: "Love that stuff can’t be without it!"

Another added: "Works like magic that stuff!"

What's more, Katie Grace – who runs the TikTok channel Cleaning Obsessed – couldn't stop singing the product's praises when it instantly removed an enormous red stain from her carpet.

In the short clip, Katie works Dr Beckmann's carpet cleaner into the material using the built-in brush head.

After a bit of scrubbing, the red wine spillage completely disappears – and Katie's carpet looks as good as new.

She wrote: "This stuff is amazing. Once it dries, it's the same colour as the rest of the rug!"

Last year, cleaning fans went wild for the £2.80 product after one mum demonstrated how it removed revolting mattress stains almost instantly.

  • Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover, £2.80 from Wilko – buy now

Complete with a built-in scrubbing brush, this affordable oxygenated formula promises to sort common household hang-ups stains – and it even works on car seats.

Labelling it her "holy grail" product, Leah Jones used Dr Beckmann's Carpet Stain Remover to tackle the stubborn splodges on her car seat and raved about it on her TikTok channel.

Using the brush head to work in the product, Leah was blown away by how well the purse-friendly buy removed the stains in 30 minutes – meaning she didn't have to get it professionally cleaned.

And although it's designed to be used on sturdier surfaces, another mum used the carpet stain remover to clean a white T-shirt – and unsurprisingly, it worked a treat.

The Edinburgh-based woman took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, run by money-saving mum Holly Smith, where she shared her tip.

Captioning her post she wrote: “I was forever throwing stained clothes out due to various stain treaters not budging my sloppy child’s mishaps.

“I had been cleaning the carpet a couple months ago when I thought about trying this on clothes… game changer! As you can see it takes pasta sauce out in seconds."

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