Erin and Sara Foster's Glam Super Bowl Commercial Actually Reveals an Easy Way to Earn Money

It can be argued that the only time we truly look forward to tons and tons of commercials is while watching the Super Bowl. The ads seemingly get funnier, more creative, and celeb-packed every year — and this time around, we're keeping our eyes peeled for one from Rakuten, which features Erin and Sara Foster.

While there are plenty of reasons to love the sisters — their dry senses of humor, relatable social media accounts, incredibly entertaining podcast, and more — somewhere on that (long) list is their fashion brand, Favorite Daughter. We've turned to the line for wardrobe staples and beyond, becoming fast fans of the body-hugging jeans and chunky knit sweaters. Now, however, our love for the clothes has possibly intensified, since Favorite Daughter has partnered with Rakuten, which means customers can earn 10% Cash Back when shopping through the platform on Feb. 13 and 14th. The deal has also led to the duo starring in a 15-second spot that will air after the Super Bowl, as well as a longer, 60-second spot, which will be shown during the game and also features Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham.

"It's a really simple process," Erin explains to InStyle while talking about the partnership. "For anyone who doesn't understand it, basically Rakuten gets up to 10% commission at any store or brand that they feature on their app and website, and they share that commission with the customer. So when you shop through Rakuten, you get cash back on anything you buy. They have so many different retailers, and we're really honored that Favorite Daughter is on there. We always want our customers to have the best in experience possible and getting cash back is such a cool experience. We also shop on there, so for us, it's just a very, very cool partnership."

And, of course, filming the commercial was a pretty fun experience, too.

"It's a dream come true," says Sara. "You know, that's kind of like the pinnacle — a Super Bowl spot. Granted, we're not the main focal point of the commercial, but it's so exciting to be part of the larger campaign. We flew to London. We worked with Hannah, who is on my favorite show, Ted Lasso. We're dressed glamorously — our younger sister, Jordan, styled us. We shot at a location where The Crown is shot and Bridgerton. It was just very dramatic, and opulent, and over-the-top. It was just a no-brainer for us to say yes, and we're so grateful that they even asked us to be part of it."

For the game itself, the sisters say they will be watching at a gathering of their own (nachos may or may not be involved). But while some of us may stress out about finding the perfect Super Bowl outfit, Erin tells us that Favorite Daughter has become their go-to solution.

"We pretty much wear Favorite Daughter all the time now, and luckily, a lot of the clothes are really casual and wearable. We have a lot of great seasons under our belt now. We just passed the one year mark of having the brand, and we're really proud of everything we have. I'm going to try not to spill nachos all over my clothes because I'm really messy."

Considering the two have already had such a major accomplishment just two months into 2022, we couldn't help but wonder: what else can we expect from the Fosters in the year ahead?

"I'm very heavily into manifesting, journaling, and vision boards" says Sara. "I can't tell you [what's on them] — it's very private — but I will say that, now that we are a year into Favorite Daughter, we have some incredible partners, with Nordstrom, Anthropologie — who are also on Rakuten — and we're excited to go deeper with those businesses and into more doors with them. We're just excited for the brand to keep growing. We would love to take it international. We also have a bunch of television projects that we have in development. We have our podcast. It's really just growing our audience, connecting with more people, and introducing more people to our brand."

If that sounds like a lot, we agree — and, apparently, Erin thinks so, too.

"Yeah, so all this stuff is making me remember how busy we are, and I'm looking for some more downtime, actually," she jokes.

Check out Rakuten's full, 60-second spot, below.

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