Eudon Choi RTW Fall 2021

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After dreaming of a trip to the Amalfi Coast for spring, Eudon Choi’s imaginary jet-setter heads to the Swiss Alps for an idyllic winter escape.

Inspired by the optimism and silhouettes of the 1960s, the collection was set in the iconic Chalet Ariel, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s ski destination in Gstaad, where, in Choi’s fantasy, people are allowed to dress up, socialize and drink Champagne.

“During Christmas, I was bingeing on videos from this guy on Youtube called Sam Chui. He does these video tours on flying business classes with different airlines. This is how much I miss travel,” the designer confessed.

Eudon Choi RTW Fall 2021

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On top of his seasonal updates of cute knitwear and sharp tailoring, plus ski-inspired padded parkas and balaclavas, the designer also introduced empire-line evening gowns in champagne and black taffeta, perfect for “Bridgerton”-themed parties at the end of the year, health conditions allowing.

“Now I am thinking, by next winter, would this pandemic finish, or not? Part of me assumes it’s going to end and we can party. At the same time, I worry that we will be in the same situation. So you have to take a bit of everything,” he mused.

Therefore, Choi also has WFH options. There are cozy cardigans with ballooning sleeves and cable-knit turtlenecks that would make one stand out during Zoom calls, and a well-tailored grey herringbone coat perfect for grocery runs in between.

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