Forces for Change

Fashion is a form of self-expression and pure empowerment. We sat down with three amazing women from marketing to digital strategy here at ESSENCE who are living their truth through their threads. These women are stepping into the latest runway-ready looks by Nine West and showing us exactly how they are pursuing their dreams through career, entrepreneurship and taking on the world in style.

Cara Walker

I LOVE FASHION BECAUSE: It makes me feel bold. What you wear makes who you really are come alive. Fashion is my superpower when communicating to people on how to engage with me.

“Stepping into new shoes makes me feel unstoppable. I’m ready to take on the world and feel sexy and feminine while doing it!” –Cara

MY SHOE STYLE IS: I love a good stiletto and a strappy minimal sandal. My style is very clean, bold, a bit edgy at times but powerful and I think a nice heel says I don’t mind taking a risk.

“I like that the Yess shoe is very feminine, delicate, but still stands out with the square toe and bright yellow color. This look speaks perfectly to the woman I am. They really embody my style.” –Cara

MY GO-TO BAG IS: As an entrepreneur with an online business and a marketing maven, my laptop is my best friend, so a bag big enough to carry that is important. I really love the Imogen Jet Set Satchel because it’s big, but still stylish and elegant. The tan hue and gold accents make it flexible, so I can pair it with any look.

“I am a force for change because I believe in living a life that really supports who you are at your core and encourages evolution into a higher version of the person you’re called to become. I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping women find what that is for them through my brand PrettiPassionate. Whether that’s through dynamic marketing campaigns connecting her to brands that support her life or running a business that gets down to the strategy of making it all happen, I’m dedicated to change by any means.” –Cara

Whitney Johnson

I LOVE FASHION BECAUSE: Like the many aspects of culture, fashion is a form of art. It also has the power to speak for a person, even before that person utters a word. I can be whoever I want to be at any given moment—I can be professional, cute and chic, fun and artsy, and I can show it through my style.

“When I think of my family and ancestors, fashion has always been a way to escape the realities of their world. It gave them confidence and empowered them to dream and have hope.” –Whitney

STEPPING INTO NEW SHOES: I feel powerful, I feel refreshed, and I feel like a boss. I reveal who I am through the shoes I wear. Whether it’s a pair of kicks or stilettos, your shoes make the ultimate statement.

“I’ve always wanted to bring a white or cream outfit to life. So, I immediately fell in love with the Tonight Booties in chic cream leather. Plus, booties are usually my go-to shoe in the fall and winter months.” –Whitney

MY GRAB AND GO STYLE IS: Something light that I carry to explore the nightlife of NYC. I love the Channa Bag in Black because I feel like I can just grab it, throw in a few essential items, and go.

“I’m a southern belle with Virginia talent and a New York hustle, who owns a creative agency called Thee Story House. My mission is to leverage the power of media to drive true impact through the cultural avenues of fashion, music, entertainment, sports, and more. My vision is to transform digital storytelling into a real-life evolution of change that will disrupt the world, change perspectives and enhance lives.” –Whitney

Lisa Nwoye

I LOVE FASHION BECAUSE: I’ve always loved creating a look that was unique to me. I’m Nigerian and growing up we’d wear matching traditional Nigerian outfits to events but for parties we used to shop for new outfits.

“I enjoy pushing the limits by piecing together looks that can feel safe but then adding an extra accessory or color that may not actually be the norm.” –Lisa

WHEN I STEP INTO NEW SHOES: I feel like a brand-new person. I love the color of the Padma Heeled Slide Sandalsand I love how the they add a pop to any outfit. I also like the fact they are different and are not as safe as wearing a black or nude shoe color.

MY MUST-HAVE BAG: Has room and compartments to keep me organized so I’ll have everything I need while out and about, especially since I live in NYC.

“The Tansy Multi Compartment Carryall is the perfect size for me, as I am always on the go. The black neutral color also allows me to wear it with a large variety of colors in my entire outfit.” –Lisa

“I’m a force for change because I encourage people to be okay with their own style. Whenever my friends ask what they should wear to an event or an occasion I encourage them to wear an outfit that makes them feel in their own vibe and element. It’s a beautiful experience to be able to show up without looking like everyone else.” –Lisa

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