Harry Potter fans are in shock over discovering a secret ‘sex scene’ hidden in the Prisoner Of Azkaban

HARRY Potter fans are in shock after discovering a secret ‘sex scene’ at the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban movie. 

Die-hard fans may have watched the film countless times and not spotted the risque shot, as it appears in the credits. 

The names of all the people who worked on the film are set to a backdrop of the Marauder's Map, which shows hundreds of footsteps walking around Hogwarts Castle. 

But as the list goes past a quiet alcove, two people can be seen in a compromising position. 

According to their footprints one person is stood with their back against the wall with their legs apart, while another stands in front of them facing them – with their feet moving ever so slightly. 

The tell-tale position may have been missed by even the biggest Harry Potter fans as it appears at the end of the credits – which are a staggering 11 minutes long. 

The man in charge of the sequence and responsible for the footprints, Rus Wetherell, explains how the saucy shot ended up in the PG film. 

At the time, the credit sequence was the longest of its kind, and it took Rus around 20 days to animate – which you can imagine is a lot of footprints. 

He worked for 20 days on the credits and as he worked into the early hours to finish one night, he spotted the nook at around 4am, and decided to add in the couple. 

Rus told Huffington Post: “There was an alcove in the artwork, it was kind of like an opportunity to have a couple of students hiding in there. 

“So I just threw a couple of feet down.

“It was just something there that was amusing for the adults in the audience and kids wouldn't really understand."

Rus added he intended to go back and edit out the feet, but when they were spotted by director Alfonso Cuarón he started laughing. 

Despite fan theories over who the pair could be, Rus says they’re not meant to be any character in particular. 

That hasn’t stopped fans speculating over the ‘sex scene’, with a Reddit thread discussing the clinch. 

One person said: “If that's not a sex move I don't know what is.”

Another wrote: “It's very clearly meant to be a couple kissing.”

While a third said: “Whoa. Who could those two be??”

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