Here's what we think of the new Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

Glossier has added a new facial cleanser to their line, which takes their roster up to three.

First it was the cult favourite Milky Jelly Cleanser (a saviour for those with dry skin and sensitive eyes), then the Milky Oil formulated next (to combat waterproof makeup).

Now they’ve launched Cleanser Concentrate (as of April 21), which they brand as being a clarifying face wash.

And that’s where it’s different – this isn’t your regular cleanser, as it’s packed with skin ‘clarifying’ ingredients that mean it won’t necessarily become your go-to daily product, nor can it do all of the same things as the brand’s other two cleansers.

See this as an add-on to your existing routine if something feels lacking.

As Glossier says, this is for ‘whenever your skin is craving a really deep, incredibly satisfying clean’ – and that might be daily (especially as we crawl closer to summer, when the skin sweats more, so the launch is well-timed there) but that also might just be after your bi-weekly gym session.

The results show the product lives up to that squeaky clean claim, as 94% in testing said it gives a deep cleanse and 90% felt purified after use.

So how does it ‘purify’? Well, it contains active ingredients. The kind that need to be followed with SPF.

So that’s lactic and malic acid, which will give you a glow by mildly exfoliating.

These ingredients make the product not suitable to use on the eyes, which is again why this might be a ‘first cleanse’ or no-makeup day cleanser (though it removes base products well), rather than your day and night cleanse.

Also, that’s a lot of contact with acids if used that frequently.

Glossier has picked two of the gentle mainstream acids on the market though, which is why we wouldn’t rule this out for sensitive skin.

That gentle yet effective approach to cleansing also reflects in their use of amino acid surfactants, which are a substitute to sulfates (the foaming agent in most soaps). They create a very soft lather to do the cleaning, which Glossier says is like ‘frothed milk on top of a latte’. Perhaps a push, but we’ll allow it.

But this is where the product really sings.

Though this isn’t marketed at dry skin types, when we tested it on a dry and dehydrated face the mild surfactants completely cleansed without leaving skin feeling uncomfortable or tight, and Glossier themselves say 90% will find the product leaves skin softer.

Clarifying products often leave skin feeling stripped of its moisture, so it’s quite the winner here.

The Cleanser Concentrate also has other buzzy ingredients such as niacinamide, grape extract, chamomile, and passion fruit extract, to feed theo skin antioxidants, calm it down and control excess sebum.

The millennial and Gen Z brand has ticked a lot of the standard expectations of this audience: the cleanser is vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free (though it does have a noticeable acidic scent), and, in a new move for Glossier, the packaging is made of recyclable glass.

You can tell the product is targeted at a younger person with congested skin given these features and the fact it’s been bundled up in a set online with Super Pure, Glossier’s blemish-focused serum.

But don’t be put off if you’re not a part of this demographic – this will work for a many people who just want a thorough product to remove sweat, pollution, grease and makeup.

Overall, this latest addition doesn’t disappoint and while it might not have felt needed given their existing cleansers on a first look, it actually does something very separate.

Its non-drying quality makes it unique for a cleanser of this type and the acids didn’t leave the face tingly.

Following a day of tube commuting or even sunny park drinking, it’ll make for a welcome skin refresh.

All that’s left is for Glossier to bring out a balm cleanser, then we’ll have a full house.

Glossier’s Cleanser Concentrate is available to buy online now for £18, or as part of The Incredibly Satisfying Clean Set for £35, or as part of The Three-Step Skincare Routine: Oily Skin set for £41.

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