I dreaded wedding day photographs but now I can’t wait to walk down the aisle after losing 2st 5lb – The Sun

HER relationship with food was always a struggle for Eliza Burnham – until WW helped her hit her goal weight.

The 28-year-old behaviour therapist used to dread her wedding day, admitting she was terrified of guests staring at her.

But since she has gone on to lose 2st 5lb, she can’t wait to show off her new figure on her big day.

Eliza, who lives in Ascot, Berks, with fiancé James Gilbert, 31, a CEO, says: “I’ve always had a tricky relationship with food.

“When I was younger I was really slim and just didn’t like to eat.

“I didn’t realise it then but I was tired a lot of the time and grumpy. I met James in a tapas bar in 2015 and we hit it off immediately.

'I fell in love with food'

“Within weeks we were an item and I felt happy and content for the first time in years.

“I suddenly fell in love with food. I loved eating out with him, baking together, getting take-aways — and the weight piled on.

“I went from one extreme to the other, from undereating to overeating.

“I wasn’t eating the right foods that my body wanted and I think after years of not eating enough, my body just wanted more and more.

“Within a year I gained over 2st, going up to 10st 13lb, and went up to a dress size 12.

“I finally had food to share with someone, and James never seemed to worry about my weight gain.

“I desperately wanted to lose the weight but was clueless back then.

“I tried everything — the juice diet, soup diet, Slimfast and everything else in between, I’d lose a bit here and a bit there but it never lasted.

'Everything fell into place'

“We got engaged in July 2018, and I’d just lost a stone on one of my diets.

“And although I was thrilled, we basically used our engagement as an excuse to celebrate for around nine months, drinking and eating out, so the weight piled back on.

"As soon as we put in a date for our wedding — July 2020 — I knew I needed to take my weight-loss ­seriously.

“In January 2019 I signed up to WW. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I needed to try something,

“From the first day, everything just fell into place with me and my food.

“I understood the points and found it so easy to follow that I actually looked forward to every meal time and for the snack as it was foods I knew — just cooked differently with controlled portions.

“You can basically eat what you want, as long as you add up your points. The difficulty in the past was that I wouldn’t eat, or I’d overeat.

“But WW is all about eating and letting your body have what it wants and needs.

“I lost the weight over nine months, dropping three dress sizes down to a size 6 and weighing 8st 8lb.

‘I’m happier’

“It’s been one of the best journeys in my life, and it’s changed so many things for the better.

“I’ve fallen back in love with running, which I used to do all the time when I was younger but had to stop when I got too big.

“I’ve got so much more energy, I’m sleeping better and I’m a happier person.

“I can get ready to go out and not worry if the shorts I’m wearing are going to be too tight.

“People contact me via Instagram asking about my story and I love helping them get on track with their own weight-loss ­journeys.

“I used to purposefully avoid being in photographs so there wouldn’t be any ­pictures of me and I dreaded my wedding day, now I can’t wait to walk down the aisle

“Our wedding has been postponed until next year due to the lockdown but when it happens I’m going to love every second.”

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