I found a tool that gets dirt and grime out of the tiniest places – people say I’m taking cleaning too far but I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left “obsessed” with a cleaning tool that gets grime out of tiny places, but people are not so sure about it. 

Brit shared a clip of herself using the Bissell SteamShot, which can be found for £45 at Argos. 

In the short clip, the woman went over the tiny crack in the plastic under her oven with the tool. 

It resulted in a very brown and yellow-coloured substance shooting out, before seeping back into the space. 

She went over the line several times to remove the grime and added in the caption: “Obsessed with my Bissell Steamshot, first of many cleans,” [sic] followed by an upside down smiling emoji. 

The description for the product says that it’s a handheld steam cleaner that removes “stubborn dirt and grime from virtually every surface around your home”. 


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It’s chemical-free and you only need tap water, which heats up in 60 seconds, to be able to use it. 

The tool also comes with a variety of tools suitable to clean kitchens, bathrooms, grout and more. 

While @britnewhardt may love the product, people were not as sure it was such a good idea to add it to their kit. 

Taking to the comments section, one person said: “I have decided it’s not my business what’s hiding in places I can’t see,” with a see no evil monkey emoji. 

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Another joked: “I want one but I’m afraid of the person I’ll turn into if I get it”. 

A third argued: “We have to stop adding things to the list of things that we should be cleaning I can’t do it anymore,” [sic] followed by a crying emoji. 

A fourth they “will never know peace,” which Brit agreed with as she replied: “Same, I almost regret it”. 

While a fifth shared some advice, explaining: “Need to have a cloth ready to catch it so it doesn’t seep back in.” 

Brit agreed as she said: “Oh for sure. I definitely went over it more thoroughly after,” with a laughing emoji. 

Others were convinced by the video to get one for themselves as one person said: “You mean to tell me I can power wash inside the house now?!” while another said: “Was this an ad, cuz it def persuaded me to buy one”. 

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