I got dress-coded by my manager at work – I don’t see the issue with my short skirt but people agree with my boss | The Sun

DRESS codes have been in place for certain events, institutions, and places of work for ages.

One woman shared her dress code violation, which she believes to be unfair.

Allison is a digital content creator whose content mainly focuses on fashion and beauty.

Her TikTok account alone boasts over 16k followers and counting.

She took to the social media platform to share her dress code violation, which left viewers divided.

"Got dress coded by my manager today," she wrote in the video.

She wore a plaid mini skirt with a slit paired with a hook-and-eye closure black sweater, black lace-up boots, and black stockings.

She modeled the look for viewers, giving a few angles of the offending look.

People expressed their opinions of the look in the comment section of the video.

Some agreed with management that the ensemble is not appropriate for a working environment.

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"Cute but not for work," one wrote.

"Ripped pantyhose and miniskirt is a no for the office," another added.

Others did not understand why Allison received a violated.

"Wait what got dress coded?" one asked. "I see nothing wrong."

"For what?" another asked. "Being the best dressed?"

One supporter came up with a conclusion as to why Allison received a dress code violation from her manager.

"She's either envious," the commenter wrote. "Or he's 'distracted.'"

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