I had the worst date– he called me ‘uncultured’ & said I was wasting his time, his question at the end REALLY shocked me

A DISAPPOINTED woman was so shocked by her ill-mannered date that she took her experience to the internet to vent.

She claimed her date called her "uncultured" and said he was wasting his time – but what he asked at the end really had her stunned.

"I went on a date last night and I feel like I need to share this because men have the audacity.

"That's all they have: the audacity," the woman, named Caysie, said at the top of the video she posted online.

She claimed she had been talking to this unnamed man for three to four weeks and after having successful conversations, they decided to go on a date.

She picked mini-golf, which she said is better than a traditional dinner, and the man picked the spot.

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Apparently, the date started on a downhill roll, as Caysie claimed the guy complained about having to pay $7 a person for the Orlando, Florida-area mini golf session.

"Mind you, this man, like all he talks about is financial freedom and how he's so glad that he can do whatever he wants because he, you know, figured out his finances and he has a good job and he can afford his own car and house and whatever.

"He talks about this all the time," she noted.

She added that the man drives an Audi R8 sports car, which is not a cheap vehicle, and pointed out that if she had chosen to go out to dinner, it would be much more expensive.

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Unfortunately, the date only went downhill from there.

Caysie claimed the man asked her which golf course she wanted to do, as there were two choices, and then picked the opposite one.

Shortly after, he ranted about how awful it was that she had never seen Star Wars.

"He was like: 'Why are we here?' and he got like very mad," Caysie recalled, adding that when she asked him what he meant, he replied: "Why are we on this date right now?"

She continued: "He's like: 'You're so uncultured, you've never seen Star Wars, like I can't believe this.'"

She said he complained about it for a whole 30 minutes.

Caysie then claimed that when she got a few holes in one, the man accused her of practicing beforehand in order to beat him and refused to believe her when she denied that.

And at the end of the date, Caysie claimed the guy asked her when he would see her again – despite complaining and acting quite annoyed during their time together.

The last thing she said is that he complained about having to drive back home with gas being so expensive.

"I didn't know you lived far away.

"You chose this place," she concluded with a look of pure confusion on her face.

Well, it's safe to say she will not be seeing that man again – and her viewers think that's the best move.

"Ummmmm, no. Run away. Don’t walk, RUN," one person urged.

"I would have literally left as soon as he said: 'Why are we here?'" another stated.

"This sounds like a guy who calls himself a 'nice guy' and then wonders why it never works out," a third viewer wrote.

Similarly, another woman claimed a man she matched with on Bumble gave her "nice guy" vibes.

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She said the man became upset when she didn't answer him and sent her a video message to show her what she lost out on.

Viewers told her she definitely dodged a red flag.

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