I lost my job & fiancé during the pandemic- now I live in a converted school bus with electric fireplace & roof terrace

THERE'S no denying that the coronavirus crisis has been a life-changing event for us all.

But last year, Craig, 29, from Massachusetts, had his life turned upside down when he lost his job and fiancé in quick succession.

Before the pandemic hit, Craig was working a 9 to 5 corporate job andplanning his future wedding – but within months, he found himself unemployed and sleeping on his parent's sofa.

He said: "“It dawned on me while I was back home on my parents' couch, getting my resume ready to apply for a job I didn't want, for way less money than I'm worth, why enter the rat race?

"Why work a job I don’t love, to make money I don’t need for 39 years – just to retire, get an RV and go see the world when I am 65."

Determined to skip the next "39 years of his life plan", Craig purchased an old school bus for $16,000 [£11,500]

Craig spent the next 200 days renovating the bus – installing heating, solar panels, plumbing, electrics and more to convert the old vehicle into a modern home. 

With the help of his family and friends, he managed to revamp the old, worn-out bus into a swanky bachelor’s pad – complete with an electrical fireplace, an espresso bar and trendy skylights.

What's more, Craig also installed a rooftop terrace, which can fit over 10 people at a time.

He finished the renovation in November 2020 and in total the project cost just under $24,000 [£17,000].

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He said: "That 200 days spent building the bus taught me more about myself and about life, death, work, dreams and the capability of the human spirit than anything I could’ve ever imagined. 

"I love my family and my friends more than I could ever begin to express; without them, this bus is still just an undone idea in my mind and I am so blessed to have the support and love in the face of my greatest challenges. 

"The strength of the people around me, the persistence, drive, attention to detail… everything this bus is, is a reflection of the hands involved in its completion."

Although Craig did a couple sketches of the floor plan, he didn't add any exact measurements and mostly worked at random.

He says he mostly "puzzle-pieced the entire thing together". 

He said: “The thing I pride myself on is being original, and putting my twist onto everything I do. 

“The glass wall dividing the bathroom from the living space allows for a full view of the blue glass subway tile in the shower that is also on the 7ft fireplace hearth. 

“The modern penthouse vibe is in full effect with the espresso bar, stainless appliances, custom-poured epoxy countertop that looks like real 1.5in thick stone. 

“Whitewashed brick, raw cedar and burnt pine add crazy contrasts and textures that just pop in the natural light that fills the bus. 

“The bed and shower are both situated under two massive skylights which infinitely enhance the living experience."

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