I splashed £7.5k on a mummy makeover in Turkey – I was sick of being fat with boobs round my belly, now I go braless | The Sun

THIS previously bread and Pepsi-obsessed mum splashed £7.5K transforming her body by travelling to Turkey to undergo 'mummy makeover' surgery.

Danielle Gross, from Skegness, Lincolnshire, who would previously eat bread for every meal and guzzle five cans of Pepsi a day, is feeling more confident than ever and loves to show off her new dream body in stylish tight-fitting clothes and crop tops.

The 29-year-old mum-of-two travelled to Turkey in May last year to have a £2.5K gastric sleeve fitted after always feeling like the fat friend in her group, revealing that she had hated that she couldn't swap clothes with her pals.

Danielle always knew in the back of her head that she wanted more surgery, so after shedding around six stone, she headed back to Turkey for a 'mummy makeover', which included a breast lift and enlargement and a tummy tuck, costing £5K in total.

Now weighing around eight stone, she couldn't be happier with her new body, and she says that after living her life as 'the big friend', she feels like a totally new person.

Danielle added: "I've got PCOS and always struggled with gaining and losing weight. I was always the big one out of my friendship group and I was around 15 stone at my biggest.


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"I've honestly been on constant diets since I was around ten years old. I couldn't fall pregnant naturally, so I had to go on hormones which made me pile weight on, and I couldn't lose it after.

"I was obsessed with bread and cans of Pepsi. I'd have bread for all of my meals throughout the day, and even a side of bread with my dinner to mop up any gravy.

"It would be bagels for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and tiger bread with my dinners. It was my downfall. I was addicted to Pepsi too, and I'd easily have five cans a day and would feel stressed if we were running low at home.

"I enjoyed sweet treats too, especially when sitting down to watch TV at night. I'd snack on doughnuts, multi-packs of chocolate, and ice creams. I couldn't go past the fridge without getting something to eat."

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After seeing a post about gastric sleeves on Facebook, the mum decided to go full steam ahead and booked her surgery, which she had in May 2022.

"I paid £2.5K for the surgery, and within the first week, I lost 19 lbs after having 80% of my stomach removed."

Just months later Danielle had shed six stone and was already considering more surgery.

"I always knew I wanted to go for more surgery because I'd been desperate for a boob job since breastfeeding my kids, Stanley, seven, and Elsie May, five. I also had a 'mum tum' after two C-sections.

"So I booked to go back to Turkey in January for a mummy makeover, which cost £5K for a breast uplift and enlargement and tummy tuck.

"I wasn't as nervous going back to Turkey the second time, because I knew what to expect this time around.

"I had an amazing experience in Turkey. The hospital rooms were like hotels and I felt like I had so much more attention than I would've had in the UK.

"It's so much better value for money too. I was quoted £9K to get my boobs done in the UK. A tummy tuck would've cost me around £12K, and the gastric sleeve would have also been around £12K.

"I'd love to have a nose job next."

Danielle admits that she is spending more money than ever before on new clothes to show off her new figure.

However, she is taking more pride in her appearance now because when she was bigger she didn't care how she looked because she didn't feel good.

Danielle said: "When I woke up after my plastic surgery, I was desperate to see myself.

"I couldn't wait to see my new body after spending so long hating how I looked.

"I love getting ready in the morning now because I can put on whatever I like and I know it will look good.

"I can wear tight-fitting outfits and crop tops, and I don't even have to wear a bra anymore. I'd never been able to do this before as my boobs would've fallen down to my stomach."

Danielle struggled to find clothes she liked wearing before her surgeries, but is able to shop anywhere and find something she loves now.

She said: "I feel like a new person now. I would avoid getting in pictures with friends and family, and could never join in when my friends shared clothes, but now I don't mind being at the front in pictures and love sharing clothes with my friends.

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"I still eat all of the foods I love now, but I just have to have tiny portions because my appetite is so small following my gastric sleeve.

"I'll have half a chocolate bar now, or a quarter of a doughnut, as opposed to eating a multi-pack of chocolate or a couple of doughnuts."

Danielle’s meal plans before and after surgery


BREAKFAST: Two bagels with cheese spread, ham, tomatoes and a can of Pepsi.

LUNCH: White bread sandwich with sandwich fillers and a packet of crisps, and another can of Pepsi.

DINNER: Huge roast dinner with slices of tiger spread to mop up the gravy.

SNACKS: Donuts, chocolates, crisps, pack of ham, ice creams, and more cans of Pepsi


BREAKFAST: Half a slice of toast or mini croissant.

LUNCH: Half a sandwich with the crusts cut off, or chicken skewers.

DINNER: Sausage and mash, but a tiny portion which would include a spoonful of mash, two slices of carrot, and a sausage.

SNACKS: Half a Wispa chocolate bar and a small portion of ice cream.

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