I was fed up of looking at my horrible garden fence so gave it an amazing makeover on the cheap – it only took an hour | The Sun

A DIY fan has revealed that she was fed up of looking at her horrible garden fence, so gave it a makeover on a budget.

Emily Welch, explained that she wasn’t a fan of her chain link garden fence, so ordered some faux boxwood panels from Amazon, costing her £160 in total. 

The social media user, who posts on TikTok under the username @emilywelchstyle, took to the video sharing platform to show off her epic fence transformation, leaving many very impressed. 

In Emily’s clip, we saw the DIY whizz attaching the faux panels to her plain fence, as she quickly gave it a modern upgrade. 

Emily said: “I hated this chain link fence by our patio, so added faux boxwood panels.”

Emily then confirmed: “Each box is $100 [£80] and I used two, but ordered another to finish.”

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If you are impressed with Emily’s fence overhaul, you’ll be even more stunned to know that it only took her an hour to do it too.

She stated: “This took one hour.” 

Emily’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 2.2million views.

It has 64.7k likes, 439 comments, 2,167 saves and 2,329 shares.

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Social media users were gobsmacked at how stunning Emily’s fence looked and many were eager to praise her clever work in the comments. 

One person said: “THIS IS THE SMARTEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF. So classy!!”

To this, Emily replied: “Legit waited for my waiter (husband) to bring me a cocktail because I felt like I was at a resort after.”

Another added: “Looks awesome!!” 

A third commented: “I absolutely love this.” 

Someone else asked: “Great idea! Would love to do this! Just curious – do they get faded or gross after being out in the direct sun/exposed to the elements?”

To this, Emily replied: “This isn’t in direct sunlight but I am in Nebraska so we’ll see how it does through our weather!” 

If you fancy giving this a go, you can order boxwood artificial grass from Amazon and there are a variety of different sizes and prices available, to suit the size of your fence and your budget.

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For Emily’s fence, she confirmed that she used two boxes, costing her $200 [£160]. 

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