If a guy tells me to 'cover up' & makes me feel bad for my outfit, it's over – he's just insecure and can't handle it | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared a red flag for men that she wouldn't date.

She said that if a guy shamed her for her clothing choice, it's a hard pass.

Hannah Kate (@hannahkate_02) shared the video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

The influencer shared an ick that she gets from men that she dates.

"When he tries to make you feel like sh** for your outfit and tells you to cover up," she said in a white hoodie and cheetah-print shorts.

"B**** abort, abort mission," she advised. "He is not big enough to handle this ride, he cannot handle a stallion."

Hannah believed that the behavior reflected more on the men than on her.

"If you're insecure just say that," she added.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Many agreed with her: "Literally," said one commenter.

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Others believed that their partners had no say in the clothing they choose to put on their bodies.

"This. No man will ever tell me what/what not to wear," said another.

"Exactly," replied a third commenter, agreeing emphatically.

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