I’m 44 and hot women are trying to make me dump my 25-year-old girlfriend, everyone wants me as a sugar daddy

A SILVER haired male model who fell for a woman 19 years his senior has admitted she is constantly bombarded by jealous fans hoping they would break up.

Michael Stomatuk, 44, and his girlfriend Emily Downing, 25, met in 2018 at a yoga class after she was drawn to her “natural beauty” and impressive fitness skills. 

He made the first move by complimenting her yoga practice, and while both say there was an instant chemistry between them Emily, from Arizona, was hesitant because of their obvious age gap. 

Despite her apprehension, she agreed to exchange numbers with Michael, from Massachusetts, and the pair arranged to go on a date. 

He said: “I initially thought Emily was very sweet and easy going and she recalls thinking that I was funny and had a good, positive energy about me – but was slightly apprehensive due to the age difference of 19 years.

“However, I really took a liking to her, so we exchanged numbers and arranged to meet up a few days later where we went on a dog walk.

“I think we both knew there was a connection, but due to a prior relationship of mine and our age difference, we were both quite reserved in the beginning and didn't want to rush into a relationship.”

The duo walked the model's dog around their neighborhood, and talked for more than three hours – with both quickly noting their strong physical and emotional attraction before quickly falling in love and telling friends and family in 2020. 

Michael, who began modelling in 2003, has posted his journey as a model and personal trainer on TikTok, where he has received comments such as, 'You have a beautiful smile' and 'I love your hair' which boosts his confidence.

However, he has had a few uncomfortable comments from fan girls and boys, which Michael just brushes over, especially as Emily isn't bothered by their comments.

He said: “I have racked up a following of over 500,000 which I'm so grateful for and I often receive comments in the street from strangers such as, "Aren't you that hot guy from TikTok?

“I've also had some comments from fan girls – and boys – which are rather sexual, such as "Hey daddy" and "Omg, what a dilf" which I take with a pinch of salt, as they can be quite funny.

“Although, these comments haven't affected our relationship, there have been numerous outreaches to Emily from strangers saying that I haven't been faithful and that she should break up with me – but this isn't true and Emily knows this which is the main thing, but it's not that easy for her to hear claims such as this.

“Whether you like someone who has a five-year age gap or a 20-year age gap, you can't help who you fall in love with. 

“However, there has to be similarities on both sides otherwise you just won't click.”

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