I’m a 6ft tall redhead with a catfish booty – I’m juicy from the back and a pancake on the side, people say I'm perfect | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has wowed fans while showing off the results of her glute exercises.

The influencer, who describes herself as a six-foot-tall redhead, teased viewers by saying she’s “juicy” from the back.

Lawrah (@lulu_lemon___) regularly shares content from her workout routines at the gym.

In a viral video, the influencer, who was sporting a bikini, had her back to the camera and teased: “When you’re consistent in the gym, trying to grow your booty.”

She joked: “And, now it’s a catfish booty.”

Moments later, the influencer turned to the side, showing off her physique.

The influencer captioned the clip: “Juicy from the back and pancake from the side.”

But, dozens of fans rushed to praise the TikToker’s glute gains.

A TikToker, known as Mira (blu__me) said: “Honestly it’s perfect girl.”

Kiwi said: “What’s wrong? It’s perfect.”

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Another commented: “Looks good to me sis.”

Meanwhile, fellow influencer Michelle Yasa (@fityassa) has also shown off her glute transformation.

In the clip, she shared a picture taken in August 2021 that showed her body before she started going hard at the gym.

Michelle said: “I was working really hard in the gym to look like this but one thing I was a little insecure about and couldn't obtain was growth in my upper glute and that lifted/fuller glute look.”

The content creator then shared a snap which was taken six months later.

She said: “Going back to what I did then: I literally worked my glutes probably 5 times a week, I did not hit my protein intake whatsoever.

"I was in the gym literally an hour and a half to two hours every single day.”

Michelle said she tweaked her diet to incorporate around 100 grams of protein.

She said: “I am doing upper body twice a week and lower body three times a week, and lastly I do the same workouts every week.”

Fans were left stunned by the transformation, with some branding it “jaw-dropping.”

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