I'm a fashion guru – the five trends short girls should ALWAYS avoid and why you should never buy low-rise jeans

FINDING the perfect outfit is hard enough when you're short.

But there are some trends that you should avoid if you don't want to make yourself look even shorter as well.

Luckily, this fashion whizz, who goes by Dearly Bethany online, shared some of the things you're a bit vertically challenged.

Avoid low-rise

Just because low-rise jeans might be making a comeback doesn't mean you have to wear them.

In fact, they're the last thing you should wear if your legs are on the shorter side.

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Bethany says: "Stick to high-rise bottoms which will lengthen your legs.

"If you feel swallowed whole in high-rise, then a mid-rise should be the lowest that you go."

Mid-calf boots

While you can probably forget about this trend altogether during the summer months, it's something that you should steer clear of when the temperature drops.

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Shoes that end at the middle of your calf are going to cut you off, making you look even shorter.

Either opt for an ankle boot or go daring with an over-the-knee boot, which will help extend your legs.

Oversized jeans

It might be cool to wear jeans that are two sizes too big in a bid to look undone and effortless.

But avoid this trend at all costs if you're on the shorter side.

Bethany explained that baggy jeans "buckle and the hem", making your legs appear loads shorter.

If you want to try the oversized trend, make sure your jeans are altered so they still finish at you ankle and don't buckle.

Say no to dropped waists

The chic 1920's style is still common in outfits today.

While you can get away with the trend if your legs are especially long, anyone on the shorter side should ditch this one altoghether.

"Nothing makes short legs look shorter than a dropped waist dress or jumpsuit," Bethany explained.

Instead go for dresses with a high waistline and something that will cinch you in at your waist.

No more tunics

"A tunic will make your stature and legs look even shorter," Bethany explained.

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The oversized nature of the top is hard to pull of at the best of times but should especially be avoided on petit frames.

Bethany said if you still want to give this trend a whirl, opt for a monochromatic look, which will help make you look somewhat taller.

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