I’m a first-time mum, why colourful pens will help potty train your child in one quick step

ANY parent will know the ups and downs of trying to get your child to use a potty for the first time, as they desperately look for a helpful how-to guide to make it as stress-free as possible. 

Now, a first-time mum has answered their prayers by revealing her unique and quirky way of potty training her child – and it involves using colourful pens.  

A mumfluencer called Autumn Grace, whose Instagram handle is @honestlyautumnb, has shared the helpful hack with her 278,000 followers.

In her popular social media series, “Things I Wish I Knew As A First Time Mom,” Autumn says: “Dry erase markers can help potty train your child.”

The video then cuts to her writing on a toilet seat with the bright, vibrant pens.

When quizzed further in the comment section by other mums and dad, Autumn explained: “It’s an activity where they can colour on the toilet seat to calm their nerves.”

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The mum added that it also ensured toilet time would be seen as “fun” by the child, helping them to take to it faster.  

Others agreed that it was a great idea to occupy the child when trying to potty train them, explaining that they’d tried “anything and everything” to make the process work. 

However, this isn’t the only tip that Autumn, who describes herself in her Instagram profile as a “wife and mama”, has offered up about potty training in recent months.

She also suggested investing in a “Potty Watch”. Autumn says it for all parents who are having “trouble” remembering when their “potty-training child went to the bathroom last.”

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Revealing more about the clever contraption in the caption, she wrote: “Depending on which setting you choose, this potty training watch automatically goes off every 30, 60 or 90 minutes. No more forgetting!” 

The social media star posts regular updates on anything and everything when it comes to parenting.

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