I’m a gardening mama – my Target find is the best $5 I've ever spent, it gives me a 30-minute break every time | The Sun

SPRING has sprung, and one mom-of-two is eager to spend time outside.

Thanks to a clever, affordable Target hack, she can bring her toddler outdoors with her this season, too.

The nature-loving mom, Michelle (@theemichellee), is proud to consider herself a thrifty shopper and a savvy crafter.

When she found a must-have bargain at Target, the generous mom made a video to ensure her fellow parents knew about it.

She showed her gardening table, which was stocked with an array of outdoor supplies.

There was a small, charming item tucked amongst the metal watering can, bag of fertilizer, and well-loved gardening tools.

It looked just like Michelle's garden caddy, but it was smaller, made from plastic, and came in soft jewel tones.

The proud mom shouted out everyone's favorite retailer as she revealed where she'd found the affordable toy.

"Finally snagged the Target dollar spot gardening set!" she wrote. "Best $5 I've spent."

For only five dollars, Michelle had a wide selection of tools and toys for her two-year-old to choose from.

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His caddy had a trowel, rake, and shovel, along with a working watering can with a handle.

He could help mom Michelle plant using the garden stakes and faux-terracotta pot.

The kit even included a tiny magnifying glass, perfect for identifying leaves and spotting bugs.

Target doesn't sell the toy set online, but you can probably find it in your local store.

It's a "dollar spot" exclusive, so make sure to check the front of the store, where deals, snacks, and impulse buys are set out in bins.

Michelle said her "gardening buddy" loved having the kit, so he could be just like mom.

Plus, it earned her more time to get hands-on in the garden without worrying about her son getting bored.

"It gives me at least a 30-minute independent play break," she said.

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