I’m a waxer and for a proper Hollywood you need to be in this position… and no, I don’t care if you’ve got your period

FOR many women, the thought of getting a Hollywood wax is mortifyingly embarrassing.

But one waxer is doing her best to "normalise" the process, by sharing videos on her TikTok page explaining the ins and outs of it all.

Becky took to the social media site recently to demonstrate exactly what position a woman needs to get into to have a Hollywood wax – where all the hair is removed from the front and the back.

"To get in this position we want to have them on all fours, knees apart, bring them a little bit closer to you," she explained.

"You want to put your weight on your forearms and not your wrists.

"You wanna go in that position and then you want to raise your bum in the air."

She added that having the knees apart will "help open everything up", and that the position is perfect for anyone who is pregnant or on the larger side.

"This is a good position for you to be able to get the hair if you’re a therapist and also for you if you’re a client, to make sure everything is removed and you’re in a comfortable position," she said, before concluding: "Listen, there’s no way of making it feel pretty!"

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In another video, Becky – who runs Becky's Beauty School in Chelmsford, Essex – answered a question from one follower who asked what happens if you start your period just before a waxing appointment.

"For anyone that’s been told different, I promise you it’s completely fine to wax while you’re on your period," she smiled.

"So while you girls come on your period and you have an appointment that’s due, don’t feel like you have to cancel.

"The main priority is that you are comfortable and you give your therapist notice."

Becky advised having a shower or freshen up before you go to your appointment, and popping in a clean tampon just beforehand.

"There’s nothing else that we see other than a bit of string that hangs out, we don’t see anything else and that string can just be moved out of the way as we wax," she explained.

However, one thing that might be slightly different if it's your time of the month is that you might be a bit more sensitive.

"But it doesn’t mean the wax can’t be done – it doesn’t mean anything’s going to happen," she insisted.

"You just might feel it a little bit more."

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