I’m an organiser, 4 top tips to keep your children’s bedroom tidy – there’s even a way you should display books | The Sun

A SUPER organised woman has shared how easy it is to instantly declutter your children’s bedroom – and it only takes four steps.

TikTok user The Organiser Next Door shared her advice to other parents who are looking to ensure their kids’ space is tidy at all times, rather than covered in toys.

The pro organiser, who can be found on the social media platform at @the.organiser.next.door, posted a helpful video on her profile. 

And she’d thought of everything – from the way books are displayed to how to make cleaning their toys away easier.

The Organiser Next Door began her checklist, as she told parents that when it comes to designing a kids’ room, the simpler the better.

She explained: “Keeping surfaces clean and minimal makes cleaning an easier task.”

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She then continued to say that less is more when it comes to what is on show.

She said: “Keep special items and learning prompts on display. 

“If items are visible, such as books, it’s important to get them organised either by colour or by height.”

Her third helpful piece of advice was to “use low level shelving and hooks to store children’s items.”

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This not only looks great but it also means that kids “can access them independently and pop them away when they have finished.”

Finally, The Organiser Next Door said that there’s a further tip that can help keep your child’s room looking stylish but tidy. 

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The social media user explained that if you have pictures or art work on the walls, for instance, it’s important to change them up regularly.

She concluded: “Changing the items that are visible adds interest and keeps your child engaged.”

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