I'm spending £8k on myself for Christmas & my three kids are getting nothing – they're fuming but I don't care

A MUM-OF-THREE has revealed she won't be giving her kids any Christmas presents this year – because she's spending £8,000 on herself instead.

Carla Bellucci, 38, says she doesn't care if people label her selfish – as she believes her kids Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, should earn their own money on social media.

The mum, who previously blagged a free NHS nose job by faking depression, considers her 'no gift Covid Christmas' policy an important life lesson – and a great chance to spoil herself.

Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, has splashed out on shiny new veneers, touch up Botox and fillers, manicures, facials, new clothes and shoes ahead of December 25.

She says she doesn't care her kids are slamming doors upstairs, because the stress of lockdown means she deserves the chance to spoil herself.

In an exclusive chat with Fabulous, Carla says: “I don’t care if people call me spoilt or selfish. I know I deserve my £8,000 spending spree.

“Spoiling kids at Christmas is wrong. I think parents who spoil their kids this year are hypocrites.

"I am a brilliant mum and am using Covid Christmas as a life lesson.

"I want my kids to be social media stars and withholding gifts this year will teach them to make money for themselves.

"Lockdown stressed me so I need to spoil myself. I have always bought the kids nice things at Christmas throughout the years. It’s Mummy time now.” 

I don’t care if people call me spoilt or selfish. I know I deserve my £8,000 spending spree.I think parents who spoil their kids this year are hypocrites

Single mum Carla, whose eldest child Jermaine, 18, isn't celebrating Christmas with them this year, argues mums need to put themselves first – in order to stop their men straying.

She says: “I think mums who spoil their kids and don’t spend money on themselves normally let themselves go.

"That’s why they end up divorced and their fellas stray. No one wants a scummy mummy, you have to work at looking good and mums who spoil their kids don’t.  

"That won't happen to me.”

The ‘mummy blowout' has caused tensions within the house but Carla doesn’t care and is sticking to her guns. 

She adds: “Tanisha’s told me I’m spoilt and Jayden’s not talking to me."

The kids wanted Nike Air Force Trainers, new laptops, new phones, clothes and Xboxes.

But Carla says they’ll be lucky to get a card and should be using the opportunity to spoil her instead.

She homeschools her kids but is teaching them how to be TikTok and Instagram stars, instead of the conventional curriculum.

She said: “I think they need to lavish me with attention now, they're old enough. 

“It sounds harsh but I know they’re on their social media feeds doubling their efforts for promotion deals, just like the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner, so I consider myself a super mum for inspiring them.

"They needed a push to get their Instagram careers off the ground, so that's what I gave them.

"If toddlers can make money from Instagram collaborations, I see no reason my kids can't.

"If they want Christmas gifts, they'll have to buy them for themselves – like I did."

Carla’s Christmas blowout

Veneers, cleaning & travelling to the clinic: £6,000

Botox & fillers: £750

Clothes: £500

Facials & manicures: £250

Shoes & treats: £450

Total: £7,950

In 2019, Carla sparked national outrage by admitting she faked depression to get a freebie nose job from the overstretched NHS.

She says: “I deserved my free nose job. I did what I had to get it. If anything, the NHS inspired me to have more plastic surgery. 

"I got my veneers and touch up Botox and fillers this year. I was furious when lockdown hit and I couldn’t fly overseas for surgery.

“The kids thought it was great because it would mean there would be cash for their Christmas gifts if I couldn’t have my surgery. But I wasn’t having that. 

 “I redoubled my efforts locally and did some deals and had Compost veneers implanted August 2020 at Ware Dental Surgery in Herefordshire. 

“It was life changing for me. My fans loved the new look and I felt like a new woman. I was getting down about my smile now you can’t stop me grinning.” 

Getting her teeth done locally meant Carla had to fork out even more, but she doesn't think the money was wasted.

She says: "After lockdown I needed to spoil myself. I rely on my looks so it’s a necessity. But it means the kids will have to go without over Christmas”. 

In the past, Carla says the kids have always come first. 

My kids know I love them and frankly that’s what matters. That and perfect teeth for my Christmas turkey. They'll thank me in the end

She adds: “Growing up they got lots of presents, toys, clothes and games.  

"Covid has changed everything. I want to be spoilt and thanked by them and make sure they work as hard as I do."

During lockdown, Carla admitted she couldn’t be bothered to homeschool her kids properly, saying: “I want them to be Tik Tok stars or go on Love Island, rather than be lawyers or doctors.” 

Carla says Tanisha and Jayden don't bother getting up until 10am before spending the day either playing computer games or practising Insta poses. 

Meanwhile, Carla concentrated on opening an OnlyFans account, bragging she'd made £1,000 in her first week selling sexy snaps.

She admits her lockdown experiences hardened her approach to parenting. 

Carla says: “Covid made me realise it was time to crack the whip and get the kids' business brains on.

"That’s why I have a no Christmas gift policy this year.

“I also know many women who spoil their kids have their husbands rushing to my OnlyFans account, because I bring the glamour and their wives have let themselves go.

"If they did what I did and spent cash on themselves to the kids, their fellas wouldn’t be ogling me.

“My kids know I love them and frankly that’s what matters. That and perfect teeth for my Christmas turkey. 

“I know people will slag me off but I don't care. The kids will thank me in the end.” 

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