Jennifer Lopez Isn't In This Picture

They say everyone has a doppelganger, and for bodybuilder Janice Garay, a.k.a. Jay from Houston, that doppelganger is none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Jay went viral in 2017 after one of her photos was featured on Instagram’s Explore page. “It was just normal selfies I had taken in my restroom, and people were assuming that I was Jennifer Lopez, commenting ‘Are you J-Lo?’ No…I’m Jay from Houston!” she told her local ABC affiliate soon after.These days, she has 230,000 followers on the ‘gram.

Though her facial structure is extremely similar to J.Lo’s, she’s noticeably more ripped than the star, and competes in bodybuilding competitions a few times a year. Otherwise, her look is classic J.Lo—big hoop earrings paired with activewear, fierce eye makeup, and long hair with loose curls.

Originally from Brownsville, Texas, she moved to Houston when she was six years old. Now, she’s mom to tween Amerie, who sometimes accompanies her to the gym and started doing strength workouts. “As a mother, I think that it is important to talk to your kids about exercising because it’s a habit that you want them to form early,” she wrote in an Instagram caption.

On the exercise front, Jay doesn’t post a ton of workouts on Instagram—instead, she asks followers to subscribe to a 30-day fitness challenge—but she clearly lifts, as she’s launching a company in 2020 called Lift Within. She also does cardio and dances on TikTok (because who says that isn’t exercise?).

Back in 2017, she proposed meeting up with J.Lo and taking a photo with her, and who knows? It could happen! You know, after quarantine is over.

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