Kate and Wills star sign compatibility: How the royals’ horoscope show their love is stronger than ever


CELEBRATING their 10-year-anniversary this month the royal couple are still the perfect Zodiac match proving that opposites attract for Cancer and Capricorn.

Between Megxit and Oprah it’s fair to say it’s been a bit of a battle royale for Wills and Kate of late but despite the royal rift the stars continue to align for the Duke and Duchess.

What are Kate and Wills' star signs?

Kate (Capricorn) and William (Cancer) are a perfect astrological match as they are opposite signs.

According to tarot queen Kerry King this dynamic mix helps the pair fit together perfectly. It's written in the stars!

“Cancer and Capricorn ignite powerful, opposites attract chemistry, which has both drawn them together and kept things alive and interesting for all these years," says Kerry.

"William is intuitive, emotional, home-loving and sensitive while Kate is practical, stoic, ambitious and determined.

“Together they bring what the other lacks to the relationship and together they are stronger than either would be alone. A true power couple."

How compatible are Cancer and Capricorn?

Cancer is a water sign while Capricorn is the more grounded earth.

The shelled warrior appreciates the way Capricorn takes relationships seriously and makes it possible to build a luxury life together as long as they don’t let their horny partner's sarcasm get to them.

Capricorn loves Cancer’s protection and both signs value security.

They both need stability in their lives and will value people who give them the sense of security.

This is one of the greatest traits they value most in each other.

They'll never give up no matter how many royal rumbles there might be!

What do the stars have in store for Kate and William's future?

As Mystic Meg revealed at the start of the year family is in focus for stoic Capricorn in 2021 as security surrounds them thanks to the second largest planet in our solar system Saturn.

It's very much on their terms though, meaning they can break habits or expectations that weigh too heavily on them.

Transformative Pluto is the driving force of Cancer's togetherness zone this year, which means doing things their way.

They can sell this so well to the rest of the family though, with the stars predicting the Cambridges will continue to storm the charts together.

In a slightly sticky situation however, the crab may have their boundaries tested in November and December, but this just makes them realise how important their real family bonds are.


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