Lenny Kravitz Says It's a 'Wonderful Thing' to Follow Daughter Zoë with His Own YSL Beauty Gig

It should not come as a shock that one of Hollywood's most beautiful families — Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoë Kravitz — have both been tapped to star in a beauty campaign (because, well, look at them). But what is special about Lenny's latest gig as the face of YSL Beauty's Y Eau de Parfum fragrance, is that he's following in Zoë's footsteps.

"The really exciting part for me is that I got to follow in my daughter's footsteps," Lenny, 56, tells PEOPLE of Zoë, his daughter with ex wife Lisa Bonet, who was named YSL Beauty's Global Ambassador in 2017. "That's a wonderful thing as a parent to be able to do. Not only them follow your footsteps, but you follow theirs."

The brand recently tapped Lenny to star in its Y campaign and video, which takes viewers backstage with the Grammy-winner before an electrifying performance, where he contemplates his journey and the moments that brought him there.

The scent, which he describes as "fresh" and "clean," was first introduced in 2017, but this marks its first starry campaign. "It feels like a fresh start. You put it on and you just feel like, okay, let's go," Lenny says of the fragrance.

Evoking a strong feeling is what attracts Lenny to any scent, whether light like Y or something smokier. "It has to make you feel something," he says. "I wear oils and what not and they can be very woody or smoky. I like things like that as well. I like both sides of the spectrum."

While Kravitz likes to mix things up with his scent, he's much stricter with his grooming routine. "It's very simple," he explains. "I don't use a lot of stuff. Pretty much, it's like three or four things. I have my bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, almond soap, which I wash my body with and I wash my clothes with. I even wash my hair with it. It's very simple and I use coconut oil and Shea butter. That's about it. I wash my face, believe it or not, with water."

Yes, you read that right. Just water.

"Sometimes I put a little soap in it, every now and again, but usually it's just water," he says. Adding, "I scrub my face with the sand in the ocean in the Bahamas, which is very, very fine, and powdery, and gentle. So, it's very natural, it's very organic, and it's very simple."

As for his fashion aesthetic, he credits all the amazing creatives he admired from a young age for his sense of style.

"I grew up around a lot of very fashionable people who expressed themselves really wonderfully through clothing, and through their interiors in their apartments, the car they would drive. It was all a point of view," Lenny shares.

"So, being around people like Miles Davis growing up, and my mother [Roxie Roker], my godmother, Diahann Carroll, Cicely Tyson, and all of these wonderful people that just had such a flair for style. And the artists that I grew up loving, Jimi Hendrix, The Jackson Five and so on and so forth, Led Zeppelin. I was watching this stuff, how they dressed and how they expressed themselves outwardly and it always fit their personality and their music so well."

What always drew him to Saint Laurent (he's a fixture at the brand's fashion shows), is the way the styles fit with his rocker image so perfectly.

"I've always been an admirer of Yves Saint Laurent, first of all. His vision, his talent, his creations, his lifestyle, his whole house. Now we're with [designer] Anthony Vaccarello, and it has continued to be a great house that really fits my aesthetic values. It fits my silhouette, my moods, and I love the house very much. Like I say, it feels like it's been designed for me."

As a rockstar with a closet full of amazing pieces, we had to ask: Has Zoë ever tried to swipe items? "She grew up doing that," Lenny says. Quickly adding. "She was always welcome to whatever she wanted."

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