Lizzo, Rita Ora, and More Celebs Are Wearing the Green Nail Trend Post Stay-at-Home Orders

Lizzo’s Green and Gold Star Nail Art

Maybe it’s because the color represents the lush greenery that comes with summer or because it feels fresh and calming, but bright green nail polish has been the color of choice for quite a few celebrities’ first manicures post stay-at-home orders.

It’s already been established that your nail color can boost your mood. Psychologically speaking, green is the color of balance, renewal, health, and growth — and who doesn’t need more of that right now? Maybe the increase in green nail designs amid COVID-19 is because celebrities are trying to add a bit of fun to their time at home.

We’re loving the different takes on the green nail trend for summer, whatever the reasoning for it is. Ahead, we rounded up a few celebrities who are wearing the green nail trend post stay-at-home orders.

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