Market Moments: 5 Miami Swim Week Swimwear Brands to Watch

Next month, the Miami Swim Week Shows are returning with in-person trade shows, appointments, runway shows and various events, taking place from July 7 to 11. Across the Swim Week Tradeshows, swim and ready-to-wear brands ranging from emerging and established are making their Miami debuts. Here, WWD spotlights five new swimwear exhibitors — and labels to watch — across the Miami Swim Week Tradeshows: Cabana, Coterie and Paraiso.


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Other core pillars of the brand include its shape memory technology; versatile and inclusive designs; sustainable and eco-friendly production and community involvement.

The ethos of the brand is centered around a seasonless product which supports a slow fashion model as well as a versatile design.”


Kali‘a Leimakani Kekela Wasson Courtesy photo

Brand: Leimakani

Miami Swim Week Show: Paraiso

Founder/Designer: Kali‘a Leimakani Kekela Wasson

Background: “[I] am a 23-year-old Native Hawaiian CEO and designer of Leimakani and professional Hula/Polynesian dancer. Fluent in Hawaiian and English, [I have] danced Hula from the age of three. [I] grew up in a small town called Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, where most of the designs are inspired by. [I] will be the very first Native Hawaiian to be featured in Miami Swim Week,” Leimakani Kekela Wasson told WWD.

A swimwear look from Leimakani Ashley Canario

Years in Business: 1

Price Point: $60 to $65 for a top or bottom; $110 to $125 for maillots

Stockists: Exclusive to the brand’s e-commerce and looking to expand into wholesale

Aesthetic: Natural, tropical, versatile.

“Each tropical or floral design was handcrafted uniquely by myself and most are only sold exclusively until sold out. Leimakani was created to empower all women. We want all women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their swimsuits. It is not about the swimsuit but the woman in it.

I also use the brand to educate people about the Hawaiian language as well; naming each piece a Hawaiian name meaningful to her. The brand offers a unique story, one that comes from seeing Hawai‘i from a different point of view than as a tourist destination. I stand for representation of Hawaiian heritage and culture and my heart shows through each of my designs and campaigns. Leimakani is definitely more than just a swimwear brand,” the founder stated.


Raika Jiha Courtesy photo

Brand: Sunlight Muse

Miami Swim Week Show: Destination: Miami by Coterie

Founder/Designer: Raika Jiha

Background: “I was born and raised in Haiti, moved to Miami in 2016 because of political unrest and insecurity in the country. The brand launched in late December 2019; after working on the collection that whole year, the pandemic just two months after — which made it extremely challenging,” Jiha told WWD.

The brand manufactures in Miami, is women-operated, and uses eco-friendly plastic on its 1970s-inspired pieces.

A swim look from Sunlight Muse. Courtesy photo

Years in Business: Two

Price Point: $150 to $300

Stockists: Wolf & Badger, Soho Beach House, pivotMKT

Aesthetic: Sunlight Muse is more than just a swimwear brand, Sunlight Muse is a lifestyle — a movement to motivate women to love themselves, to push all limitations set by society, to pursue their dreams and persevere despite any obstacles, essentially encouraging women to break the mold. The mission is to empower every woman through fun, edgy and daring designs that fuse sophistication with the beauty of the female body in mind,” the founder explained.


Tanya Taylor Courtesy photo

Brand: Tanya Taylor 

Miami Swim Week Show: Cabana

Founder/Designer: Tanya Taylor

Background: “Tanya Taylor is a New York-based women’s wear brand whose mission is to inspire all women to live in color. By celebrating individuality, we aim to create a community where every woman feels included. Through the artful use of color, texture and original hand-painted prints, each collection is designed to bring confidence and high-energy happiness into a woman’s daily life. [My label] is an inclusive brand defined by a point of view and is proud to offer styles in sizes 0 to 22 each season,” Taylor told WWD.

Swim looks from Tanya Taylor. Courtesy photo

Years in Business: Nine, launched in-house swim in 2021

Price Point: From $85 for a hat to $190 for a two-piece set; all swimsuits available from $185 to $190.

Stockists:; Shopbop; Neiman Marcus; Bergdorf Goodman 

Aesthetic: “The first in-house swim collection combines the designer’s signature hand-painted prints with modern, feminine silhouettes inspired by her ready-to-wear collections,” the brand commented.


Valentina Cabrales Courtesy photo

Brand: Naranja Furcado

Miami Swim Week Show: Paraiso

Founder/Designer: Valentina Cabrales

Background: “Naranja Furcado is a playful and minimalist-inspired label inspired by the only necessity in swimwear: simplicity. Launched in 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia with the sole idea of being comfortable, chic and making every woman wearing Naranja Furcado feel like the poolside protagonist. Each piece from every collection is made in Colombia, ensuring delicacy, quality and comfort. Channeling sustainability and simple, natural elements, we’ve also made wraps of recycled fisherman’s mesh fabrics that pair well with any piece from our collection,” Cabrales told WWD.

A swim look from Naranja Furcado. Courtesy photo

Years in Business: Four

Price Point: Average price is $90 for top and bottom, combined.

Stockists: Frankie Miami, iShine365, Stitch Lab Marketplace, and on the brand’s website, 

Aesthetic: Minimalist yet colorful

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