Mary-Kate Olsen Files for Divorce from Olivier Sarkozy the Day New York City Courts Reopen

“A few years ago, having a baby was not a priority for her. This has changed,” said the source.

"Olivier has two grown kids and doesn’t want more," a fashion source tells PEOPLE. "Mary-Kate thought he would budge on that and he hasn’t.”

But it wasn't only children that drove the fashion mogul and banker apart, it was also their lifestyles.

“Olivier is a party boy and a big spender,” said a banking source. “He loves the high life.”

Meanwhile, Olsen who runs two clothing brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James with her twin sister Ashley, is more reclusive.

“Mary-Kate prefers to be quiet and alone and doing the things she likes,” said a fashion source. “She’s not that interested in socializing—she likes small gatherings with select people. They ended up being apart quite a bit.”

Olsen's commitment to her work also led to disagreements with Sarkozy. "Mary-Kate is extremely hard working and focused on her business. Her work schedule is beyond disciplined," a source told PEOPLE. "She is the type of person who would never complain about a 12 hour work day. Olivier never understood her drive and passion. He would have loved to have a stay-at-home wife."

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