Mum makes stunning water feature for her garden using old bits of wood, glue and gravel

A FAMILY has revealed the incredible garden water feature they made during lockdown for just £40. 

The mum shared photos of the stunning outdoor project and said it “looks and sounds amazing”. 

She wrote: “One of our garden projects during lockdown”. 

Helpfully, she included a list of all the materials needed for the water feature, and said: “Reclaimed timber, a donated water pump, reused strip lighting, 2 bags of gravel costing £10 each, paint costing £18, wood glue and screws.

“Lots of love and skill and we have this amazing waterfall/water feature.

“Needs a few bits finished off and edging painted but I think it looks amazing.. and sounds amazing.

“Total cost around £40. A family project.”

The feature has an upright wooden frame, with water falling down along the horizontal panel. 

Many people were highly impressed at what the family had created, and it has racked up thousands of likes on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. 

One person wrote: “I absolutely LOVE this. It looks stunning. Well done.”

Another added: “Wow!! Looks amazing, and the best thing is, as you say… a family project.”

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