Mum shares how she feeds her family-of-three with one chicken for a whole WEEK… and she has leftovers

A THRIFTY mum has proved how a single chicken can go a long way when it comes to feeding a family-of-three for the week.

After picking up a whole chicken from Aldi for just a couple of pounds, the woman revealed how she managed to make multiple meals throughout the week and still have leftovers.

The Aussie mum posted her tips in the Budget Friendly Meals Australia, along with snaps of all the delicious meals she'd created using the £3.15 ($5.69) chicken.

She said she simply roasted it in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper before tearing it apart, using one breast as sandwich fillings for the week and freezing the other for future meals.

She also said it could be used for various recipes including a creamy pasta, a salad or fried rice, adding: "If money is tight this week, don’t overlook the basic chicken. So many uses!"

In her post, she wrote: "I bought a $5.69 chicken from Aldi today. Got home and roasted it with just some olive oil and salt and pepper.

"I’ve removed the Maryland’s and wings for my partner and I to have with some left over spanish chicken sauce in my freezer from a previous slow cooker meal. Our 5 year old will have the wings as is with some veg.

"One breast has been chopped, and bagged to freeze for future use. Might star in creamy pasta, a salad, fried rice… who knows.

"The other breast was chopped, added to 2 chopped spring onions and a 1/3 of a red capsicum left over from making salads for a BBQ last weekend.

"Big dollop of Mayo, and this will be chicken salad filling for sandwiches for my partner to take to work for the rest of the week. Cheaper than ham and more filling. He loves them."

Other group members were seriously impressed by the mum's savvy ways, complimenting her on her creative ability in the kitchen.

"Amazing how much you can get from one chicken!Esp like the spring onion and capsicum one," one person wrote.

And another shared: "Gosh u have stretched it. Amazing."

While a third added: "Very great use of the humble chicken you are very clever."

"Excellent and resourceful suggestions and use of 1 chicken for a family! Love, love, love this post! Good job!" chimed another.

Many others raved about "the humble chicken" agreeing that it's a great budget-friendly option for many families.

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