Mum uses carpet cleaner to get filthy stains off her pushchair in almost no time at all

A MUM managed to clean filthy stains from her stylish blue pram in minutes using a simple carpet cleaner. 

The mum claimed she’d been putting off cleaning the pushchair a while, but finally decided to try and tackle the grubby marks. 

The Mrs Hinch fan shared snaps of the outside and the inside of the buggy, which had seen better days. 

The mum grabbed a bottle of Dr Beckman’s carpet cleaner, which has a built in brush, and used it to scrub the seat and the stains. 

The mum shared her transformation to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New, where it’s racked up dozens of likes. 

She said: “Put off doing this job for a while but it was so easy with Dr Beckmanns carpet cleaner. 

“Have taken this pushchair on holiday and used most days so much cleaner and fresher now.”

The cleaner, which costs £3.50 at Tesco’s, works in just three minutes – with the mum getting her pushchair spic and span in no time at all. 

The cleaner can be used on most fabrics, and the makers say it’s ideal at removing “removes heavy soil and unsightly spills such as red wine, coffee, fruit juice, grease and other common household stains from carpets and upholstery.”

  • Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner Brush, Tesco, £3.50 – buy now

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