My best mate ended our friendship out of the blue – I couldn't believe it when she then sent me a list of my 'faults'

A WOMAN has recalled how her best mate ended their nine year friendship completely out of the blue – and then sent her a long list of all her "faults."

The 27-year-old, who is from the US, explained how her friendship with the other woman, 32, had gradually started to fade away, so she assumed they'd just "slowly go their separate ways."

But just three days after the pair spent time together, the baffled woman received a text from her pal saying she "didn't want to be friends anymore" – and that she also wouldn't be attending her upcoming wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the woman recalled the last time they were together and wrote: "When she was at my house, the only moment that seemed to upset her is when I asked her if she wanted to help organise my bachelorette party."

"She said she felt she wouldn't do a good job, I said I didn't really care and wasn't sure if I wanted one anyway.

She was a bit cagey about it but at no point said 'no'. Perhaps I could have picked up on this, but also I think if you don't want to do something, just tell me."


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The woman admitted that she was "upset" after being dumped by her bestie…but nothing could've prepared her for what happened next.

"5 DAYS LATER – she messages to say she has written an 'essay' on 'all her issues with me' that I 'won't like,'" the woman continued. "Also that it is too big to send by WhatsApp so she will e-mail it to me."


And when the woman responded by saying she wouldn't be reading the email, her ex pal called her "selfish" and said she'd never "grow" if she didn't learn to take criticism.

Unsurprisingly, the post was inundated with comments – with many slamming the friend for dumping her pal in such a dramatic way.

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"The fact that this person thinks it's appropriate to send you an essay detailing everything they think is wrong with you tells me that you are not the problem here," wrote one.

A second agreed: "Sounds like she is a narcissist. OP the friendship faded because with your upcoming wedding it's suddenly not all about her anymore.

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She tried to manipulate you with her last messages and her 'essay'. Just delete it and live your life. Enjoy your wedding."

A third noted: "And the essay came after she'd already said she didn't want to be friends anymore. What's the point of even reading it? Definitely NTA."

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