My nightmare neighbor always asks for favors but refuses to do it for me – I want to say no but feel bad for her kids

ONE considerate mom is wondering whether or not she's in the wrong when it comes to her horrible neighbor.

In a post on Mumsnet, the mom wrote that her next-door neighbor, who has two kids of her own, is pleasant enough, but will only message her for a favor.

For example, the neighbor will ask to borrow a few eggs or to take her daughter to school.

But the problem according to the original poster's is that the neighbor never returns the favor.

When the poster had Covid, she asked the neighbor if she could walk her kids to school, but the neighbor complained until she eventually agreed.

Then, the mom wrote about how her neighbor was in a car accident and asked her again to take her daughter to school.

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The mom wrote that she replied to her neighbor's request within 10 minutes, but when she went over to pick up her neighbor's daughter for school, the neighbor answered the door "wearing basically no clothes" and said her daughter wasn't ready.

The neighbor's antics continued when she asked the poster to drive her daughter to school again because her younger child was still asleep.

But when the poster went to the neighbor's house, it was clear she hasn't gotten dressed yet.

The poster added that she knows her neighbor's husband works from home every day but is unsure whether he helps with the children or not.

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The poster then asked: "Would I be unreasonable to say no to any future (non-emergency) requests, and how do I do this whilst maintaining a decent enough relationship that we can ask each other for actual emergencies?"

Some commenters argued that the poster should consider the neighbor's daughter and help out when she can.

One person commented: "I'd think of the little girl to be honest. She has s*** parents who can't be bothered to get her to school sometimes."

Another chimed in: "If you're happy to and it's only now and then and if the kid is ready then why not. If she can't be arsed getting the kid ready or returning the favor then no."

Meanwhile, others told the poster to flat out ignore her neighbor the next time she messages her, like one who wrote: "I just wouldn't look at any messages from her in the morning. If she's genuinely desperate she can ring."

Another added: "I would just say no it doesn’t suit today. I wouldn’t even use her for an actual emergency because people like her never keep it to emergencies."

Someone else warned: "She is a user and of no use to you."

"Don't open her messages until it's 'too late.' She'll give up asking," another comment read.

In other news, one woman shared how her petty neighbor goes to great lengths so that she can't park in her parking spot.

Additionally, a mom revealed she received a savage note from her neighbors asking her kids to stop playing so loudly outside.

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