Rich Kids of Instagram show off their VERY lavish Easter set-ups with epic chocolate fountains and jet ski jaunts

CONSIDERING the year we've all had, we can't really blame anyone for wanting to go a bit overboard this Easter.

But while we were thinking of buying double the amount of chocolate this weekend, the Rich Kids of Instagram (unsurprisingly) have far more extravagant plans.

Making the most of the four-day weekend, these wealthy social media stars have flocked to far-flung locations around the world to sneak in some early April sunshine.

Earlier this week, Mari Burgoss made followers green with envy when she shared a photo of her jet ski jaunt while soaking up the sun in Colombia.

Meanwhile, influencer Liubava Rose struck a pose in front of her private jet before checking into one of Dubai's most exclusive hotels Burj Al Arab.

The pandemic also hasn't stopped Elina Avanesova enjoying a luxury stay at the five-star Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park hotel in Moscow.

YouTuber Maddy Burciaga is another star currently kicking back and enjoying the sun in Dubai.

The social media sensation has shared every detail of her lavish holiday with her 2.5m followers – from lazy beach days on a private beach to driving round the city in a sports car.

And speaking of sports cars, Daria Radionova is cruising around London in style this Easter weekend as she posed with her black SPARKLY Lamborghini.

The eye-wateringly pricey vehicles are a must among the elite group of social media stars – with Anna O'Ryan joking that she drives her "like it was a Chevvy".

And don't even get us STARTED on the epic chocolate fountains (including a rose gold offering) that puts our humble Cadbury's egg to shame.

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