Shoppers Say These Serum Capsules Make 10-Year-Old Red Spots Disappear Within a Week

Some facial marks you accept as part of who you are. Chickenpox scars, slits through an eyebrow, moles that come to define an icon. But not all marks are easy to embrace, such as chronic red spots. 

No one should be ashamed of their redness, but as sufferers know, over-the-counter fixes aren’t easy (or cheap) to come by — unless, of course, you’re browsing Walmart’s beauty section and spot fantastic reviews for a high-tech, low-cost product. Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Face Serum normally goes for $100, but the retailer currently has it for $69. And based on shoppers’ reviews, it’s a game-changer. 

One person says the capsules work miracles, writing that they’ve had a red rosacea spot on the side of their face for over ten years. After just one week of using the capsules, it’s almost 100 percent gone. As frustrating as a skin odyssey can be, the feeling of finally finding something effective is truly incredible.

ceramide capsules

Shop now: $69 (Originally $100);

Other customers note that they love how the serum is protected from oxidation through its design. You twist each capsule’s tab off individually, so you never have to worry about the serum expiring. Upon release, it satisfyingly gushes out in a burst of ceramides, which strengthen your moisture barrier and, per the brand and shoppers, fight wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness. 

According to reviewers, the results are both immediate and lasting. Some write that their skin drinks it up like water as the capsules smooth their lines and enhance glow, while others share that after searching high and low for something to treat the dry, flaking, and sore skin around their eyes, they saw a huge improvement with the Ceramide Serum. Adding the product to their morning routine has left them with no redness and no puffiness, just smooth skin. As we head into the armpit of winter, nothing sounds better.

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