Single woman makes ‘date me’ business cards asking for a bloke with a ‘dad bod’ & puts them on strangers’ car

A SINGLE woman tired of her mum asking her when she will get a boyfriend has revealed she has made “date me” business cards to hand out to men. 

The incredible cards state that she is looking for a bloke with a ‘dad bod’ who’s looking for a relationship.

TikTok user @bravesbabe_2021 shared a video showing off the snazzy two-sided cards she made to find her Prince Charming.

She wrote: “Tired of my mom asking if I’m ever going to date again.

“So I made dating cards about me and going to put on cars where men hang out.”

The front of the printed business cards feature three photos of her, with the text “Shooting my shot with you if you are single!”

On the back is information about her, including the fact she is 24 years old, a mum-of-one, is “gainfully employed” and is “humorous”, “independent” and “spontaneous.”

She also adds she will share food with her man and enjoys a cold beer. 

The single woman also includes what she is looking for in a man, including them being aged between 27 and 46. 

Men without a six pack need not worry, as she prefers chaps with a “dad bod” – but they must also share food and be looking for a relationship. 

The video, which has been viewed over 104,000 times, was shot in a car park presumably before she handed out the cards, and she hasn’t revealed how her mission went. 

Many people were impressed at her initiative and said they wanted to do the same. 

One said: “Ok honestly considering doing this. Would love to find a man especially in this creative way.”

Another asked her how the men can contact her from the cards, and she said her mobile number was covered up by her finger in the video.

Other people hailed her idea as “genius” and many said “need to do this.”

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