The Real Reason Cameron Diaz’s Hair Was So Short in ‘Charlie’s Angels’

Story time! During an Instagram Live with celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman on Wednesday, April 22, Cameron Diaz opened up about the real reason why her hair was so short in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels.

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Westman and Diaz have been friends for over 25 years, ever since the dynamic duo started working together in 1998. To entertain viewers during COVID-19 quarantine, they hosted a live chat to discuss the actress’s quarantine skincare routine, the one makeup product that she can’t live without and, of course, the real story behind her Charlie’s Angels hair.

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The topic was brought up by Westman, who couldn’t help but reflect on the unforgettable time in which Diaz had “super platinum” blonde locks.

Diaz recalled that she dyed her hair brown right before they were about to start shooting the film. But the team told her, ‘We want you blonde.” Within a week, the actress had to get her brown hair color stripped, which consequently “melted her hair off.”

“The reason my hair is as short as it is in the first Charlie’s Angles is that that’s where my hair melted off,” Diaz told Westman. “It just disintegrated at that length.”Yikes!

But the accident made Diaz realize that she was actually a fan of the look. “It reinvigorated my love for short hair and I do love the short hair,” she continued. “I’m thinking of cutting my hair off again soon.”

During the Instagram Live, the actress also revealed that she’s been keeping her nighttime regimen super simple during the COVID-19 quarantine.

“Right now I run my face under the shower when I go to shower at night before I go to bed and that’s literally it,” said the There’s Something About Mary star during the Live chat.

But Diaz wasn’t as quiet about her makeup routine. She revealed that there’s one makeup product that has an extra-special place in her heart: red lipstick. “When I put a red lip on, I actually feel like I’m not wearing any makeup,” said The Body Book author. “It feels the most natural to me to have it, like it’s my thing, like I love a red lip.

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“I don’t wear it now because I’m kissing my baby all day long,” she continued. But one interesting place she will wear it? The gym. “It’s very casual to me. Like I feel like I’d wear this lipstick and workout.”

Another product that Diaz loves is concealer, which Westman used on her instead of foundation the first time she did her makeup.

Diaz was previously traumatized by the way other makeup artists slathered foundation onto her skin “like a cake,” which consequently made her skin break out like crazy.

“You literally let all of my skin be alive,” Diaz praised Westman. “You made my skin look so natural.” And thus, a forever friendship was born.

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