These Primark buys are now worth hundreds – so it’s good news if you’ve got a Mrs Potts teapot or Cogsworth clock

PRIMARK is a treasure trove of purse-friendly items – and frequently stocks hundreds of products themed on the likes of Harry Potter, Disney and Game of Thrones. 

But did you know that many Primark buys could later be worth hundreds to fans who love to collect entire lines?

For example, their Beauty and The Beast’s Cogsworth clock retailed at £10 in the store, but can now go for £80 to £100 among hardcore Disney buffs. 

And Primark’s Mrs Potts teapot and mug sold together currently can make £65, which is a great return considering the teapot cost just £12 in the chain. 

Modern collectables expert Tracy Martin told Fabulous: “Primark licensed products have always been popular with certain pieces more desirable than others. 

“Most of the items are at least doubling their money so good investment as a collector as the demand is so high for these licensed pieces. 

“I personally believe that you can't go wrong buying the smaller decorative items from Primark as they will hold the test of time.

“Their top collectable ranges are Disney (or Disneyana as it is known by collectors) Harry Potter, Game of Thrones.”

Tracey advised that Disney is the most desirable with collectors, especially the smaller decorative items and practical things such as blankets, overnight bags and suitcases. 

She added: “Disney will always be the leader with so many collectors of Disneyana and also those that just love Disney. 

“I think prices will rise on some of the items as well as time goes on and believe that the more unusual items are the ones worth investing in.” 

Tracey said that her top pick from their latest range is the Toy Story sleeping bags, and added: “I love them and for £20 so will the kids.”

The Primark collectable items making the most online

  • Disney Beauty and The Beast – Mrs Potts teapot and mug sold together currently making £65 but retailed at £12 for the teapot
  • Disney Beauty and The Beast – Cogsworth clock – rrp £10 now making upwards of £60-£100
  • Disney Stitch child's fleece – selling for £50 and retailed at around £10 
  • Disney Eeyore Hoodie fleece – £50 retailed £16
  • Harry Potter Erised mirror – £30-£50
  • Disney Mickey Mouse overnight holdall – £40 started at around £18
  • Harry Potter uniform backpack – £40 retailed at £14 
  • Disney Lumiere Candle holder – £25-£35 retailed at £12 
  • Game of Thrones duvet cover sets and pyjamas being the most popular £25-£40 
  • Toy Story Alien Dog bed – £30 retailed £15
  • Aladdin – Genie lamp teapot – selling for £20 and retailed at £10

And among Harry Potter fans, their backpacks often appeal the most. 

The uniform backpack, for example, retailed at £14, but can sell now for £40 among wannabe wizards and witches.

Tracey added: “One of the ones I remember being their golden snitch smaller pack, which cost £12. 

“Although it doesn't have a massive resale value at the moment, it is one I feel that will do well in the future.”

Another popular Harry Potter item from Primark is their Mirror of Erised, which now sells for £30 to £50 online. 

Tracey advised buying items from different ranges, as Primark licensed products appeal to different buyers. 

She explained: “For example Game of Thrones merchandise attracts a different buying audience to Disney.”

Tracey's top tips for making money from Primark products

  • Keep boxes and packaging where possible
  • Look after the items, display them rather than playing with them
  • Decorative items and practical will always be desirable 

And it’s not just items from big movie franchises that do well. 

Tracey said: “Aside from licensed products, one Primark homeware product that has really been popular is the Art Deco style Drinks trolley. 

“They are now selling for £80 on the secondary market but retailed at only £30. 

“As an antiques and collectables expert this is a bargain even at the inflated price if you are wanting the look and can't afford an original as that would cost you at least £200 upwards.”

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Primark has said there will be ‘no special discounts or fire sale’ when it reopens in two weeks.

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