Tommy’s Drop Shop Capsule Codesigned by London’s Stevie Gee

The third Tommy’s Drop Shop, a limited-edition micro-capsule from Tommy Hilfiger codesigned with London-based director, designer and illustrator Stevie Gee will be released exclusively in Europe today on

Fewer than 250 units of each style will be produced. With a passion for animation, movement, music and dancing, Gee’s codesigned range includes short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts and hoodies featuring psychedelic cartoon drawings spanning the blue to purple color spectrum.

Drop 3 also features a shirtless, muscular cartoon character, as well as a wilting flower in a flowerpot with a melting face — one of Gee’s signature references. Other graphics include a surrealist cartoon Tommy Jeans flag, the yin and yang symbol and groovy, 3D fonts.

All the designs are gender neutral and sizes range from XXS to XXL. The organic cotton short-sleeved T-shirt retails for 49.90 euros, the long-sleeved organic cotton T-shirt is 59.90 euros and the organic cotton hoodie is 129.90 euros.

The third Tommy’s Drop Shop is codesigned with London-based director, designer and illustrator Stevie Gee. 

In a Q&A with the brand, Gee was asked what inspired him to take part in Tommy’s Drop Shop. “Tommy is a classic brand with a long history and the idea of letting a rascal like me mess around with it was very lovely and quite surprising to be honest. Thanks for having me.”

Gee, who was born in Essex and has lived in London for the past 20 years, responded when asked how he became an artist, musician and illustrator: “I’m bad at everything else.”

One of Stevie Gee’s designs for the third Tommy’s Drop Shop. courtesy shot.



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