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DOG owners have been issued an urgent warning to stop their pets from getting sick.

Some pooches have been getting into strife while on walks, prompting an alert from vets to keep pets safe while out and about.

The alarm was raised by Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital in Darlington – following reports of dogs 'ingesting recreational drugs'.

Vets has urged anyone with concerns about their pets becoming unwell after a walk around the area to seek veterinary advice.

The advice serves as a broader warning to dog owners nationwide who observe similar symptoms.

A spokesperson said: "We have had more dogs in today that are showing signs of having ingested recreational drugs following walks near Baydale Beck.

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"Please take care and seek veterinary advice if your dogs become unwell after walking in this area."

The RSPCA has published additional guidelines to help dog walkers up and down the country.

It states that while you wait for a vet's response, you should not "treat or medicate dogs yourself" – as some products may be poisonous.

Owners should also refrain from using salt water as a way of making their dogs vomit as well as ensuring dogs are kept away from other animals to "avoid cross-contamination".

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Washing your pooch with shampoo and water is allowed if "the skin or fur is contaminated", according to the animal welfare charity.

Dogs ingesting drugs can cause a number of unwanted effects.

Harmful changes in the central nervous system, organ damage, behavioral alterations, and even death are all possibilities – depending on the drug.

It comes after dog owners were urged by vets to be wary when giving their pets a popular treat – as it too could have deadly consequences.

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