We Would Gladly Raid Harry Styles's Impeccable Jewelry Stash Any Day

We Would Gladly Raid Harry Styles’s Impeccable Jewelry Stash Any Day

Harry Styles loves to accessorize with jewelry, and we love looking at them. Aside from Gucci, which he constantly wears as a brand ambassador, the singer also loves a classic pearl necklace. He’s been spotted multiple times on the red carpet wearing a strand of pearls with his dapper looks. He has a way of making the evergreen style look fresh and new when styled with one of his outfits. At the same time, he’s also not afraid of wearing something NSFW. Take the necklace he wore to the 2021 Grammys outfit, for example. He wore a cheeky Gucci necklace that was designed to look like a phallic peeled banana.

One brand Harry loves to wear? Éliou, which is an Instagram-approved jewelry brand based in Miami. The “Watermelon Sugar” wore multiple necklaces by the brand in his music videos, including a colorful beaded styled and one that had “GOLDEN” written on it. He even had a custom-made string of blue Millefiori glass beads, which Éliou actually named Harry! Keep reading to look at some of Harry’s most memorable jewelry moments ahead.

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